Conference Papers

All resources posted are in the name of the author(s) and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the National Center on Performance Incentives or sponsoring agencies. Questions about the research, recommendations, and policy recommendations contained within these working papers should be directed to the author(s).

Missouri’s Teacher Career Ladder Program

Kevin Booker and Steven Glazerman, Mathematica Policy Research

Teacher Incentives in Developing Countries: Recent Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Paul Glewwe, Nauman Ilias, and Michael Kremer

The Politics of Teacher Pay Reform

Dan Goldhaber, University of Washington

Collective Bargaining in Education and Pay for Performance

Jane Hannaway, Urban Institute & Andrew J. Rotherham, Education Sector

Teacher Attitudes Toward Pay for Performance: Evidence from Hillsborough County, Florida

Brian Jacob, University of Michigan Matthew Springer, Vanderbilt University

Toward a More Comprehensive Model of Teacher Pay

Julia E. Koppich, J. Koppich & Associates

Performance Incentives in Texas: Why Schools Chose Not to Participate

Jessica L. Lewis and Matthew G. Springer, Vanderbilt

From Data to Bonuses: A Case Study of the Issues Related to Awarding Teachers Pay on the Basis of Their Students’ Progress

Daniel McCaffrey, Bing Han, and J.R. Lockwood, RAND Corporation

Value-Added and Other Methods for Measuring School Performance

Robert H. Meyer and Michael S. Christian, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teacher Incentives in Developing Countries: Experimental Evidence from India

K. Muralidharan, Harvard University and V. Sundararaman, The World Bank

Designing Incentive Systems for Schools

Derek Neal

Performance-Based Pay in the Federal Government

Steve Nelson, retired, United States Merit Systems Protection Board

Market-Based Pay Reforms for Teachers

Michael J. Podgursky, University of Missouri-Columbia

Holding Accountability to Account: How Scholarship and Experience in Other Fields Inform Exploration of Performance Incentives in Education

Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute

A Legal Perspective on Performance-Based Pay for Teachers

James E. Ryan, University of Virginia

Do Teacher Effect Estimates Persist When Teachers Move to Schools with Different Socioeconomic Environments?

William Sanders & S.Paul Wright, SAS Institute, Warren Langevin, Vanderbilt

Impact of the Teacher Advancement Program on Student Test Score Gains: Findings from an Independent Appraisal

Matthew G. Springer, Dale Ballou, and Art (Xiao) Peng

Characteristics and Determinants of Teacher-Designed Pay for Performance Plans: Evidence from Texas’ Governor’s Educator Excellence Grant Program

Lori Taylor, Matthew Springer, and Mark Ehlert

Teacher Salary Bonuses in North Carolina

Jacob L. Vigdor, Duke University

Teacher Effectiveness, Mobility, and Attrition in Florida: A Descriptive Anaysis

Martin West, Brown University & Matthew Chingos, Harvard University

The Effect of Performance-Pay in Little Rock, Arkansas on Student Achievement

M. Winters, J. Greene, G. Ritter, & R. Marsh, University of Arkansas