Videos for PHYS 1501L and 1601L

Video for Position, Velocity, and Acceleration (1601L / 1501L, lab 2)

Videos and Simulations for Wave Lab (1601L / 1501L, lab 12)

Video for Damped Driven Harmonic Motion (1601L, lab 11)

Brownian Motion

Videos for PHYS 1502L and 1602L

Videos on Electrostatics (1602L/1502L, lab 1)

Geometric Optics – Reflection and Refraction (1602L / 1502L, lab 2)

Lenses (1602L / 1502L, lab 3)

Building and Analyzing Simple Circuits I (1602L / 1502L, lab 4)

Videos on Magnetism (1502L / 1602L, lab 7)

Videos on Induction

Videos on Resonant RLC circuits

Videos on Wave Optics (1501L / 1602L, Lab 10)

Videos on the Photoelectric Effect


Super Cooled Water: Clip 1, Clip 2, Veritasium’s explanation

LIGO talk at Vanderbilt University, February 2016