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Refereed Journal Articles

Leyva, L.A., Quea, R., Weber, K., Battey, D., & López, D. (2021). Detailing racialized and gendered mechanisms of undergraduate precalculus and calculus classroom instruction. Cognition & Instruction, 39(1). DOI: 10.1080/07370008.2020.1849218.

Battey, D., Amman, K., Leyva, L. A., McMichael, E., Hyland, N., & McClendon, C. (accepted). An analysis of racialized and gendered labor in students’ experiences of precalculus and calculus instruction. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.

Leyva, L. A. (2017). Unpacking the male superiority myth and masculinization of mathematics at the intersections: A review of research on gender in mathematics education. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education48(4), 397-452.

Leyva, L. A. (2016). An intersectional analysis of Latin@ college women’s counter-stories in mathematics. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 9(2), 81-121.

Battey, D., & Leyva, L. A. (2016). A framework for understanding whiteness in mathematics education. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 9(2), 49-80.

Feature Articles

McNeill, R. T., Marshall, B. L., & Leyva, L. A. (in press). “I wish you could say ‘You should not be here’: An analysis of instructors’ and students’ contrasting perceptions of a racialized and gendered gatekeeping practice in calculus. MAA Notes. Mathematical Association of America.

Book Chapters

Leyva, L. A., & Alley, Z. D. (in press). “Speaking out more” and “talk[ing] less and less about my goals”: A counter-storytelling of undergraduate Latinx women’s critical race-gendered epistemologies as mathematics students and aspiring engineers. Invited book chapter in M. Shanahan, B. Kim, K. Koh, P. Preciado-Babb, & M. Takeuchi  (Eds.), The learning sciences in conversation: Theories, methodologies, and boundary spaces. Routledge. 

Leyva, L. A., & Alley, Z. D. (2020). A counter-storytelling of struggle and support in Black women’s mathematical talent development and STEM pursuits across white, patriarchal educational spaces. In N. Joseph (Ed.), Understanding the intersections of race, gender, and gifted education: An anthology by and about talented Black girls and women in STEM (pp. 85-106). Information Age Publishing.

Leyva, L. A. (2019). Beyond the binary and at the intersections: Chronicling contemporary developments of gender equity research in mathematics education. Invited chapter in C. Xenofontos (Ed.), Equity in mathematics education: Addressing a changing world (pp. 65-91). Information Age Publishing.

Invited Presentations

Leyva, L. A., & Joseph, N. M. (2020). Black women and belongingness: An interrogation of STEM education as a white, patriarchal space. Invited presentation for Arizona State University’s Research for Inclusive STEM Education Center. Virtual presentation.

Leyva, L. A., & Joseph, N. M. (2020). Math and anti-racism session. Invited presentation for the National Educator Anti-Racism Conference. Virtual conference.

Leyva, L. A. (2019). Detailing historically marginalized students’ perceptions of racialized and gendered mechanisms of instruction in undergraduate pre-calculus and calculus. Invited presentation for the University of Michigan Mathematics Department’s Learning Community on Inclusive Teaching. Ann Arbor, MI.

Leyva, L. A. (2019). Intersectionality as a methodological tool for understanding undergraduate women of color’s experiences as computing and engineering majors. Mini-plenary delivered at the National Center for Women & Information Technology Summit. Nashville, TN.

Leyva, L. A. (2018). Detailing STEM educational opportunities that affirm marginalized students’ intersectional identities. Invited panel presentation delivered at the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting. Washington, D.C.

Conference Presentations

Leyva, L. A., & McNeill, T. (2020). Exploring perceptions of undergraduate pre-calculus and calculus instruction among Black and Latinx women in STEM majors. Paper to be presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, CA.

Leyva, L. A., McNeill, T., & Marshall, B. (2020). An analysis of racialized and gendered logics in Black and Latinx women’s interpretations of instructional events in undergraduate pre-calculus and calculus classrooms. Paper presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Denver, CO.

Media Coverage

Quinn, C. (2020, August 6). Dismantling systemic racism stats in schools, educators say. News report from WGBH News/Local NPR.

Zavala, M. (2020, April 9). What is Luis Leyva doing in Nashville? Audio podcast on featured on TODOS Mathematics for ALL Podcast.

Moss, E. (2019, August 22). COURAGE in undergraduate mathematics. Blog entry in Mathematics Association of America’s DUE Point. Retrieved from