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Congratulations Bernstein & Lubinski: Two Awards for Excellence in Research!

Posted by on Friday, August 6, 2021 in Uncategorized.

Brian Bernstein, a Quantitative Methods Ph.D. student working with David Lubinski, earned the junior-division 2020-2021 Award for Excellence in Research from the MENSA Foundation for his Psychological Science article entitled “Psychological Constellations Assessed at Age 13 Predict Distinct Forms of Eminence 35 Years Later,” co-authored by David Lubinski and Dean Camilla Benbow.

David Lubinski, a Quantitative Methods faculty member, earned the senior-division 2020-2021 Award for Excellence in Research from the MENSA foundation for his article in Gifted Child Quarterly, entitled “Intellectual Precocity: What Have We Learned Since Terman?” co-authored by Dean Camilla Benbow.

These awards recognize “groundbreaking investigations in the disciplines of intelligence, intellectual giftedness, and related fields.” It is a rare accomplishment for a student and a faculty member from the same lab or program to receive both awards! Congratulations! Find the details here.

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