raquelle greenRaquelle K. Bostow is a Lecturer in the Department of French & Italian at Vanderbilt University.

Raquelle’s current project, Medusian Apparitions: Reading Contemporary French Prose with Hélène Cixous, explores the depiction of female bodies in three works of francophone literature in the late 20th and 21st centuries by way of Hélène Cixous’s writings on sexual difference and the Medusa. The specific thesis of this work is that the female protagonists in the novels of study, Standard (2014) by Nina Bouraoui, Sitt Marie Rose (1977) by Etel Adnan, and La répudiée (2000) by Eliette Abécassis, are portrayed as both dangerous and endangered by their male counterparts, who attempt to contain and control women as sexually dangerous bodies. Using primarily the lenses of Hélène Cixous’s writing on sexual difference and the Medusa from 1975 to 2015 and Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytic notion of the “abject,” Raquelle examines the dangerous/endangered paradigm in various contexts: a contemporary Parisian suburb, the postcolonial intra-state war of Lebanon, and an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Israel. This project ultimately uses Medusa as a tool for the radical, feminist realignment of old relationships between female bodies, danger, and death. In turn, the project insists on the contemporary pertinence of Cixous’s writing as a queer disturbance of heteronormative sexual difference.

Contact: raquelle.k.bostow@vanderbilt.edu

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