About Erin

Erin C. Rericha, PhD.

Education and Training

  • Texas A&M University, College Station, TX B.S. in Physics 8/1997

Research advisor: James T. White

  • University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX Ph.D. in Physics 8/2004

Research advisor: Harry L. Swinney

Dissertation: “Shock Waves in Rapid Granular Flows”

  • Physiology Course: Marine Biology Lab 2006

Course directors: Tim Mitchison and Ron Vale

  • University of Maryland, College Park and the NIH in Physics and Cell Biology

Postdoc mentor at UMD: Wolfgang Losert

Postdoc mentor at NIH: Carole Parent



University of Texas at Austin: Teaching Assistant and Assistant Instructor

  • Inquiries into Physics
  • Advanced Electronics

University of Maryland, College Park: Lecturer

  • Inquiry into Physics:  Physics 115 for Education Majors   (Fall 2009 and Spring 2010)
  • Mechanics:  Physics 161 for Engineering Majors (Spring, 2007)
  • Faculty for Hands-On Research in Complex Systems Summer School (2009)

Vanderbilt University: Assistant Professor

  • General Physics: Mechanics, Heat and Sound



American Physical Society

Sigma Pi Sigma

American Society for Cell Biology

Biophysical Society


Awards and Honors

President’s Endowed Scholarship Texas A&M University

G.E. Faculty for the Future Scholar (1996 & 1997)

Focus on Science Feature (2000)


Invited Talks

Harvard University: Squishy Physics Pizza Seminar, April 2001

Gordon Research Conference Granular & Granular Fluid Flow, July 2002

Trinity University in San Antonio:  Physics Department Colloquium, September 2004

Pennsylvania State University: Pritchard Seminar, October 2004

University of San Diego: Mechanics and Materials Engineering Seminar, February 2004

University of Texas at Austin, Nonlinear Dynamics Seminar, March 2006

American Society for Cell Biology Meeting, Washington, DC December 2007

IMA conference on Cell Motility and Chemotaxis, Minneapolis, MN, invited talk, May 2008

Burgers Symposium at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, invited talk, May 2009

Georgetown University Physics Colloquium, Washington DC November, 2010

Conference participation

Women in Science Conference.  College Station, TX, 1998

Conference in honor of Harry Swinney’s 60th birthday. Austin, TX, 2000

APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, contributed talk, 2001

APS Opportunities in Biology Conference.  Boston, MA, December 2002

APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, contributed talk, Novermber 2004

APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, contributed talk, Novermber 2005

Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Long Beach, CA, February 2005

American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, poster, December 2005

Dynamics Days, Bethesda, MD, contributed talk, January 2006

American Physical Society March Meeting, Baltimore, MD, contributed talk, March 2006

American Society for Cell Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA, poster, December 2007

Gordon Research Conference on Gradient Sensing, poster, January 2007

Biophysical Society Meeting, Long Beach, CA, poster, February 2008

American Physical Society March Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, contributed talk, March 2009

Opportunities in Biology, Chicago Il, July 2010

American Physical Society March Meeting, Dallas, TX contributed talk, March 2011


Expanding your horizons (1998-2002): Present physics demonstrations to 10-14 year old girls

Presentation to University of Texas Donors to the Department of Science (2001)

Presentation at Austin Science Fun Day (2000)

Austin State Science Fair Judge (2000-2002)

Science of Spying Workshop (2005)

Maryland District Science Fair Judge (2006)

Maryland Day Presenter (2005-2010)

Mentoring high school student (2010)

University Service

IREAP Chair for Maryland Day (2006)

IREAP Institute Assembly Chair (2010)

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