Vanderbilt Research Fair

Poster and Presentation Awards

Poster and Presentation Awards

The Office of Immersion Resources would like to congratulate the following students who were awarded prizes for their presentations at the 2018 Research Fair:

Natural, Basic, or Life Sciences

Andrew Whitten ’20, Chemical Engineering
Development of a Fluorescence Sensor for Heme Insertion into Proteins
Faculty Mentor: Professor Lars Plate, Chemistry

Stephanie Zhang ’20, Human and Organizational Development
Maternal Infection Adversely Affects Placental Health via Induction of Structural and Inflammatory Changes
Faculty Mentor: Professor Bibhash Paria, Pediatrics

Social Sciences

Nicholas Ainsworth ’19, Special Education; Political Science
What Determines People’s Attitudes Towards Transit?: Examining the Impact of Partisanship, Race, and Unequal Development
Faculty Mentor: Professor Allison Anoll, Political Science


Joseph Eilbert ’19, Physics; History of Art
Beazley 2.0: An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Ancient Greek Painted Pottery
Faculty Mentor: Professor Betsey Robinson, History of Art