Rhamy Belayachi

Second-Year Computer Engineering Major and Business Minor at Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering

Rhamy Belayachi is a 2016 graduate of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ). Rhamy used his time at TJ to develop himself personally and professionally. Through his contributions to Project BEST’s efforts, a non-profit dedicated to Building Excitement for Science and Technology in middle school students, he developed a passion for seeking opportunity for himself and those around him.

While taking part in a club basketball league during his junior year of high school, he co-founded an entrepreneurial accelerator designed to equip high school students with the skills and materials necessary to materialize their passions and launch their own startups. Following a summer cohort that sculpted 15 entrepreneurs from a group of ambitious high schoolers in the Dallas area, he and his partners identified a need for affordable, modern, and personalized consulting services to help young companies stay afloat. Their next venture, Ankorhem Design, is a consulting firm that provides technology and business development, graphic design, and event organizing services. After getting his consulting firm off the ground with clients anywhere from San Francisco to Boston, he and his partners decided to work on a novel idea they developed that had won Dallas Startup Weekend weeks prior. During the height of Rhamy’s college application process, he was writing code and developing plans for a startup in education technology. Peeyr is an online platform that allows high school students to get paid to tutor other high school students at competitive rates. The idea and company took the Dallas high school atmosphere by storm and continues to grow today.

Following his enrollment at Vanderbilt University’s College of Engineering, he sought ways to make an impact on campus. Having worked on and published computer vision algorithms for the National Institutes of Health to develop an automated system to track mouse behavior for the testing of new drugs, he learned how even the tiniest contribution can have widespread impact. So, he did his best to translate his love of entrepreneurship and leadership to Vanderbilt’s campus. He joined the Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (VINES) in hopes of encouraging students around him to pursue their ideas regardless of their skillset. Eventually becoming the Events Committee Chair for VINES, he continues to educate and motivate his fellow students through talks featuring Nashville entrepreneurs, Shark-Tank-like events, and resources designed to guide student entrepreneurs on campus. Not only that, but he also serves on the Vanderbilt Ventures committee that awards $10,000 to a student-founded startup and helps with development, market capture, and launch of the venture.

While Rhamy continues to work on his academics, he is collaborating with the Director of Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Business to unite the skillful students of the school of engineering with the talent-hungry entrepreneurial MBAs. His top priority is to further establish an entrepreneurial presence on campus and show students that starting their own companies can be just as viable as any other career option.

He completed his freshman year at Vanderbilt as a Computer Engineer with a minor in Business. In addition, most recently, he became the Director of Operations and Technology at Just For Kidz, a non-profit dedicated to supporting under-privileged children around the globe. There, he continues to develop himself, Just For Kidz, and the lives of those in need, every step of the way.

In all, his passion for entrepreneurship, impact, and solving the world’s problems fuel him to be better tomorrow than he is today. As Rhamy urged in a TEDx talk he gave in May of 2015, “Passions are useless if we don’t do anything with them. Make an impact. That’s what passions are for.”

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