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Yearbook on Mapping the High School Reform Landscape

Posted by on Thursday, February 2, 2017 in News.

We are excited to release the Teachers College Yearbook on Mapping the High School Reform Landscape! Read it here.

While there has been a proliferation of high school reform models and interventions over the past few decades aimed at improving the nation’s high schools—including increasing graduation requirements, introducing technology to classrooms, grouping 9th grade students into their own “academies”, re-orienting the curriculum toward particular career themes, and implementing radical turnaround school models—there have been few systematic efforts to map the high school reform landscape. The goal of this volume is to do just that—map the reform landscape in high schools. There are four sections of this volume: Section 1) Context for understanding high school reform, 2) Section 2: Understanding programs and interventions in high school improvement efforts, 3) Section 3: The processes and conditions that support or inhibit effective implementation in high schools, and Section 4) What do we know about organizations that drive new initiatives in high school improvement?

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