Published & Accepted

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  1. Vizing’s 2-factor conjecture involving maximum degree and toughness conditions  (with Jinko Kanno).
    Available as arXiv:1709.02241
  2. Hamiltonian cycles in 3-tough $2K_2$-free graphs.
    Available as arXiv:1706.09029
  3. Toughness and spanning trees in $K_4$-minor-free graphs (with Mark Ellingham, Dong Ye, and Xiaoya Zha).
    Available as arXiv:1704.00246
  4. Nonempty intersection of longest paths in $2K_2$-free graphs (with Gili Golan).
    Available as  arXiv:1611.05967
  5. Dirac’s Condition for Spanning Halin Subgraphs (with Guantao Chen).
    Available as arXiv:1505.06181
  6. Difference of forbidden pairs containing a claw (with Guantao Chen, Michitaka Furuya, Shoichi Tsuchiya, and Ping Yang).
    Available as arXiv:1505.00386
  7. Regular colorings and factors of regular graphs (with Anton Bernshteyn, Omid Khormali, Ryan R. Martin, Jonathan Rollin, Danny Rorabaugh, and Andrew J. Uzzell).
    Available as arXiv:1603.09384

In Preparation

  1. New bounds for locally irregular chromatic index of
    graphs  (with Mark Ellingham, Ryan Solava, and Xiaowei Yu)
  2. Toughness for bounded treewidth (with Mark Ellingham, Dong Ye, and Xiaoya Zha).
  3. Spanning $k$-trees and $k$-trails from degree sum conditions  (with Mark Ellingham and Yi Zhang).
  4. Minimum degree condition for spanning generalized Halin
    graphs (with Guantao Chen and Ping Yang).
  5. A lower bound on circumferences of 3-connected graphs with
    bounded maximum degrees  (with Guantao Chen, Zhicheng Gao, and Xingxing Yu).