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New Feature in the New Release: The Consolidated BPM Worklist

Posted by on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 in News.


accessworklistA key feature of the new Oracle Cloud release is the use of a Consolidated BPM Worklist. The consolidated worklist combines approval tasks for all modules into a single list of assigned actions, replacing the previous version that required users to select a module prior to viewing his or her assigned notifications. As a result, approvers can now easily find all tasks requiring their attention in the same place.


Predefined Views Available to Filter and Manage Tasks

BPM Worklist viewFor users who prefer to segregate theirĀ tasks by module, Vanderbilt has published a collection of common views on the left-side of the worklist to help approvers filter and manage their to-do lists and tasks within the Consolidated BPM Worklist.

A quick guide to creating your own favorite views will be published shortly.


Vacation Delegates

Building on the changes to the worklist (described above), transaction approvers no longer need to delegate their approval for each module. In the new release, users need only specify their Vacation Delegate once and it applies to all modules.

An updated FAQ has been added to address this enhancement.