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Process and Deadlines for Reporting Holiday Time and Time Off

Posted by on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in Core HR, Time and Time Off.


How to record holiday time

Eligible biweekly employees must report holiday time off taken as “holiday” during the break in order to receive regular pay during this period.  Click here to view a quick demonstration of the process.

Employees who work during the holiday break should record “holiday worked” for hours during that period.  Employees who are eligible for holiday pay differentials per the University Holiday Calendar should record two entries: one for “holiday worked” and a second entry to record the “holiday premium.”

Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to managers.

Employees: Please submit your time card by Friday, Dec. 21, unless you will work over the break.

Biweekly employees are strongly encouraged to submit their time cards, and their managers should approve those time cards, as soon as work is completed on the evening of Friday, Dec. 21, unless your and/or your team’s work will continue during the break.

If you will be working during the break, please ensure your time card is submitted as soon as you finish working and approved by your manager before 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 31.

Managers: Please approve time cards as soon as they are submitted.

Managers of biweekly employees should coordinate with all team members to ensure timely submission and approval of time cards. Note that the approval deadline for the Dec.16-29 biweekly period is 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 31.

If a manager will be out of the office, their line manager can approve time cards on their behalf by following the steps in the guide titled Taking Action on Behalf of a Direct Report, or alternatively the line manager may delegate their approvals by setting a vacation delegate in their BPM worklist preferences.

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