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‘HCM Specialists’

Update: HCM Employee Roster Report

Jul. 16, 2018—We have enhanced the information and functionality of the HCM Employee Roster report as follows: Updates to Fields in the Report New columns added: Position Number and Position Name VUnetID Home address and phone number Job Code Column updated: The previous “Job” column is now labelled “Job Title”   Enhanced Functionality Pending workers have been filtered out...

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Changes to SkyVU Support Contact Information

Jul. 2, 2018—Effective July 1st the way you request help using Oracle Cloud is changing. In an effort to ensure timely support, you will no longer be required to submit a ticket on the SkyVU website. Instead, you can directly contact the department that oversees the function where you’re experiencing an issue. The SkyVU Support page on the...

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Additional Tabs in the HCM Cost Allocation Validation Report Assist in Identifying Errors in Costing

May. 25, 2018—The HCM Cost Validation Report has been updated to include two additional tabs in order to assist with identifying the error of an invalid Expenditure Type in the costing of Assignments and Elements to a project: Assignment with POET 0000 tab: This tab identifies assignments that have been costed without an appropriate Expenditure Type.  If an assignment...

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Preventing Retro Payroll Costing Adjustments due to Expired Projects

May. 15, 2018—During the May 10th HCM Specialist User Group meeting, we discussed a best practice for reviewing the HCM Assignment Cost Allocation Plan and HCM Element Cost Allocation Plan reports as part of preparing for the payroll process. These reports allow you to see past and future project expiration dates and thus make costing adjustments in advance of the...

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HCM Resource Updates (week of May 15, 2018)

May. 15, 2018—The following resources have been updated on the HCM Specialists Resource Page of the SkyVU website: HCM Actions and Reasons has been updated to include the new transfer and position change within a business unit actions. The 2018 Payroll Calendar has been updated for June 2018 A new Checklist for entering new faculty into Core HR prior to...

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Updates to the Departmental Playbook (May 2018)

May. 15, 2018—For HCM Specialists: The HCM Costing Detail report is now available in the Departmental Playbook. This report provides you the ability to download detailed payroll data by Person, Business Unit or Department. The HCM Employee Roster report has been enhanced to include salary information for your designated area of responsibility. For Financial Unit Managers: The AP Invoice Summary report has been updated...

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