Developing New Tools in Glycobiology


03.10.2017: Kelly passed her qualifying exam! Congrats Kelly!

02.21.2017: Jamin’s methodology was accepted for publication. Great job!

02.09.2017: Kelly’s LNT Synthesis was accepted for publication.  Congratulations!

12.20.2016: Schuyler Chambers and Jenna DeSousa have joined the lab.  Welcome!

11.09.2016: Our review article on complex carbohydrates used in infant food products was accepted for publication in Carb. Res.  Great scholarship from Dorothy and Kelly!

10.25.2016: Eric passed his preliminary exam. Congrats Eric!

03.07.2016: Eric Huseman joins the lab. Glad to have you on board!

02.23.2016: Dorothy passed her qualification exam. Congrats Dorothy!

03.27.2015: Undergraduate researcher Lianyan Xu received the Stephen Harris Cook Fellowship to continue her research efforts over the summer. Congrats!

03.07.2015: Caroline Braun, Kelly Craft, and Jamin Keith join the lab. Glad to have you on board!