Magnetic Localization


Magnetic coupling is one of the few physical phenomena capable of transmitting motion across a physical barrier. In gastrointestinal endoscopy, remote magnetic manipulation has the potential to make screening less invasive and more acceptable, thus saving lives by early diagnoses and treatment. Closed-loop control of the magnetic device position is crucial for a safe and reliable operation. In order to implement closed-loop control, the pose (position and orientation) of the device must be available in real-time. This becomes challenging if magnetic coupling is achieved by permanent magnets, since the strong magnetic field required for manipulation interferes with current localization techniques.

Our Research

At the STORM Lab we are working on a real-time pose detection strategy that is compatible with magnetic manipulation based on permanent magnets. The localization algorithm combines multiple sensor readings with a pre-calculated magnetic field map. The proposed approach is able to provide an average error below 5 mm in position detection within a spherical workspace of 15 cm in radius. 


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