Stevenson Center Bldg 5 – 9F Facilities

Our lab members have access to shared equipment between the Giorgio and Haselton labs (SC 5926-5937), as well as case-by-case access to tools available in the labs of collaborators Profs. Craig Duvall & Hak-Joon Sung (SC 5918, 5922, 5924) just down the hall from our labs. These equipment and appropriate contact info for training have been included below. In order to use these equipment, please contact the appropriate PIs directly (as indicated on the table) before contacting the appropriate training contacts.

Instrument (Manufacturer) Contact PI Instrument Location Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Autoclave 1 Duvall/Sung 5924 Sammy  
Autoclave 2 Haselton 5926    
Bacteria Incubator Giorgio 5933 Sinead Charleson
Bacteria Micro-centrifuge Giorgio 5933 Sinead Charleson
Bacteria Culture Hood Giorgio 5933 Sinead Charleson
Bacteria Plate Reader [Tecan 500] Giorgio 5933 Sinead Charleson
Centrifuge (Eppendorf) Giorgio 5937 Sinead Charleson
Centrifuges Duvall/Sung 5924 Kelsey Taylor
Cell Culture Hoods Duvall/Sung 5924 Dan Sammy
Coulter Counter (Beckman Coulter Multisizer 3) Giorgio/


5926 Sinead  
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) Duvall/Sung 5922 Tim  
Electrospinning Unit Sung 5918 Jung Bok  
Flow Cytometer (Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur) Giorgio 5937 Sinead  
Fluorescent Microscope (Nikon Eclipse Ti) Duvall/Sung 5924 Kameron Sue
Gel Permeation Chromatography (THF GPC) Duvall/


5922 Tim  
Gel Permeation Chromatography w/ MALS (DMF GPC) Duvall 5922 Thomas Meredith
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Duvall 5922 Sammy Kelsey
IVIS Duvall 5922 Taylor John
KBr Pellet Press (Specac) Giorgio 5937 Sinead Charleson
Lyophilizer 1(Labconco Freezone) Giorgio 5937    
Lyophilizer 2(Labconco Freezone) Duvall/Sung 5918 John Kameron
Magnetic stirrers/hotplates Giorgio 5937 Sinead Charleson
Magnetic stirrers/hotplates Duvall/Sung 5918 Thomas Tim
Mass Balance Giorgio 5937 Charleson  
Mass Balance Duvall/Sung 5922/5918 Meredith  
Nanodrop Spectrofluorimeter (Thermo Scientific) Haselton 5926 Ash Tricia
Nikon Macroscope Duvall/Sung 5924 Kameron Sue
Ovens (Vacuum and Drying) Duvall/Sung 5918 Meredith  
Peptide Synthesizer (Protein Technologies PS3) Duvall/Sung 5937 Kelsey Thomas
pH Meter Duvall/Sung 5922 Taylor  
Plate Reader (Tecan 1000) Duvall/Sung 5922 Sue Taylor
Plate Washer Duvall/Sung 5922 Taylor Kameron
Rotovap (Buchi Rotavapor R-II) Duvall 5918 John Taylor
RT-PCR Thermocycler (BioRad) Duvall/Sung 5924 Sue Sammy
Spincoater Sung 5924 Dan  
Sonicator Giorgio 5937 Sinead Charleson
Sonicator Duvall/Sung 5922 Kelsey  
Tissue Culture Incubators Duvall/Sung 5924 Kelsey Dan
Ultracentrifuge (Beckman Coulter) Giorgio 5937 Sinead  
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Varian Cary 50) Giorgio 5937 Sinead Charleson
Vacuum Pumps Duvall/Sung All Labs Bryan Thomas
Water Baths Duvall/Sung 5924 Kameron Meredith
Western Blotting/ Gel Electrophoresis Duvall/Sung 5924 Dan  

Research Core Facilities

Our labs are located within close proximity to a wide array of resources and research cores on a compact campus. Stevenson Center is located at a prime location at the edge of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and houses the important nanocharacterization and nanofabrication tools we commonly use (VINSE). Medical Research Buildings III and IV (MRB III, MRB IV) are five-minute walks away and house instruments for mass spectroscopy (MSRC), microscopy (Cell Imaging Shared Resource), and much more (see exhaustive list of VUMC Research Cores below). The Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS) houses, among several research centers, the Center for Small Animal Imaging. This research center maintains several MRI scanners, CT-scanners, intravital fluorescence systems (IVIS), and much more in one location a ten-minute walk from our doors. Included is a small sampling of the research cores that Giorgio and Haselton lab members frequent in the pursuit of research activities.
  • VINSE (Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering)
  • VUIIS (Institute of Imaging Science)
  • Cell Imaging Shared Resource
  • Mass Spectrometry Research Core @ Vanderbilt
  • Molecular Biology Core @ Vanderbilt
  • NMR Core @ Vanderbilt
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center Research Cores
  • Vanderbilt Network Links

  • Vanderbilt University Home
  • School of Engineering
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center


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