Vanderbilt Translational Research Forum

2017 Agenda

Friday, October 13, 2017

Light Breakfast

7:30 AM
Student Life Center Lobby


8:00 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Mentoring Awards

8:10 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Morning Plenary Sessions

8:20 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

The Fatty Heart in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (T1)
Evan Brittain, MD, MSCI
Asst. Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine*

A Novel Link Between Inflammation and Aortic Dissection (T0)
Meena Madhur, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*

Host-Pathogen Interactions During Osteomyelitis (T0)
James Cassat, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor, Infectious Diseases**

Low LDL Cholesterol Concentrations Are Associated with an Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes (T4)
QiPing Feng, PhD
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*

Poster Session

9:20 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Morning Breakout Sessions

10:15 AM

Room 1Room 2Room 3
Improving the Screening Criteria for an Early ECG to Diagnose STEMI (T3/4)
Maya Yiadom, MD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Emergency Medicine
Vitamin D and Cancer Risk (T4)
Shaneda Warren Andersen, PhD
Instructor, Epidemiology*
Brain Network Disturbances in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (T1)
Dario Englot, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor, Neurological Surgery
Characterizing Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Toxicities (T3)
Douglas Johnson, MD, MSCI
Asst. Professor, Hematology/Oncology*
Interprofessional, Patient-centered Perinatal Consults to Meet Women's Needs and Improve Health System Functioning (T1)
Julia Phillippi, PhD, CNM, FACNM
Asst. Professor, School of Nursing
Race, Natriuretic Peptides, and Cardiometabolic Health (T1)
Deepak Gupta, MD, MSCI
Asst. Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine*
Developmental Sequelae and Neurophysiological Substrates of Sensory Seeking in Infants at High Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (T1)
Tiffany Woynaroski, PhD
Asst. Professor, Hearing & Speech Sciences
The HIV Care Continuum and Health Policy: Changes through Context and Geography (T4)
Peter Rebeiro, PhD, MHS
Asst. Professor, Infectious Diseases*
Mechanisms of Breast Cancer Dormancy in Bone (T0/T1)
Rachelle Johnson, PhD
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*

Poster Session

11:00 AM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Guest Plenary Lecture

12:00 PM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

Jacob Corn, PhD
Scientific Director, Innovative Genomics Institute
University of California-Berkeley

Afternoon Plenary Sessions

1:15 PM
Student Life Center Ballroom A/B

The TLR4 Agonist Monophosphoryl Lipid A Mediates Broad Protection Against Infection via Augmentation of Innate Antimicrobial Cell Functions (T0)
Julia Bohannon, PhD
Asst. Professor, Anesthesiology

Quantitative MRI of the Peripheral Nervous System (T1)
Richard Dortch, PhD
Asst. Professor, Radiology

What Causes Anxiety? Building a Reverse Translational Model (T1)
Jennifer Blackford, PhD
Assoc. Professor, Psychiatry

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

2:15 PM

Room 1Room 2Room 3
Cardiac Ion Channel Conduction Perturbations: From Protein Structure to People (T0/T1)
Brett Kroncke, PhD
Research Fellow, Clinical Pharmacology*
Cell-free Hemoglobin Alters Cytokine Production by Macrophages in the Lung (T0)
Ciara Shaver, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor, Allergy, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine*
Harnessing Endogenous Regulators of Autoimmunity as Novel Therapies (T0)
Daniel Moore, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor, Endocrinology & Diabetes**
Glycation Increases the Stiffness of Kidney Extracellular Matrix (T0)
Nicholas Ferrell, PhD
Instructor, Nephrology*
Antibiotic Effects on Ductus Arteriosus Tone: Better Choices for Neonatal Sepsis-Associated PDA (T0)
Elaine Shelton, PhD
Asst. Professor, Neonatology**
Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease (T3)
Katherine Gifford, PsyD
Asst. Professor, Neurology
Drug Discovery Strategy to Identify Novel Regulators of Uterine Contractility (T0)
Jennifer Herington, PhD
Asst. Professor, Neonatology**
A New Role of Sox6 in Blood Pressure Through Renin Regulation (T0)
Jose Gomez, PhD
Asst. Professor, Clinical Pharmacology*
The Role of HPV in HIV Seroconversion among Men Participating in a Multinational Longitudinal Study: HIM Study (T4)
Staci Sudenga, PhD, MPH
Asst. Professor, Epidemiology*


3:15 PM

Raffle prizes, giveaways, and closing remarks

* Department of Medicine
** Department of Pediatrics

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