Vanderbilt Translational Research Forum


Distinguished Service to Translational Scientists

Translational science is intrinsically interdisciplinary and often large scale. Vanderbilt is uniquely privileged to have a culture of service in which senior investigators, administrative leadership, directors of cores and services, and colleagues contribute generously to collective processes and resources. We take pride in a strong record of finding creative ways to build our capacity to conduct influential translational science, and in doing so with an agile, entrepreneurial flair that provides a competitive edge for all our researchers.

This award is given to an individual who makes key contributions to launching and sustaining shared resources and services that undergird the productivity and achievement of all our translational scientists.

2018 Award Winner: Consuelo Wilkins, MD, MSCI

Excellence in Mentoring Translational Scientists

Excellent mentors enter the lives of less experienced researchers with optimism, experience, candor, and respect. They convey essential guild knowledge about the inner workings of being creative and productive in science. They provide thoughtful critique, encouragement, practical resources, and a fund of knowledge about how to regroup when challenges occur. They coach, affirm, and inspire. Excellent mentors in translational science gravitate to science that advances human health, asking, what can we learn that can be applied to prevent, detect, or treat conditions that harm health or function? What should we do to promote health and safeguard communities?

This award is given to an individual selected for multiple facets of excellence in mentoring. The awardee invests in the next generation of translational scientists by igniting interest in research among trainees, by direct service to individual investigators who have advanced successfully to independence, and by dedicating time to the career development of scientists across our academic community.

2018 Award Winner: James Crowe, MD

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