Performance Record

During my time with the Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera, I decided to establish and maintain three performance records which would show detailed info about the works I performed with those orchestras.   Only after a few years did it occur to me that other people might be interested in seeing those data.   I published them on my personal blog, and now I thought it might be of interest (especially to prospective students) to see the body of work which I was fortunate enough to perform with two of the world’s great orchestras.  I’ve also added a fourth list to the database which shows the solo recitals I’ve given as a professional.

By no means do I wish to reduce the incredible musical experiences I’ve had over the years to numbers and statistics.  This is simply my way of recording and organizing hundreds of performances into an easily-viewed ‘digital CV’ that is live-updating.  After following the link below, you can navigate between the four lists using the tabs at the bottom of the window.   Hope you find it interesting!

Click here to view my updated Performance Record

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