The Audition process for the Blair School of Music has been changed recently.   All students auditioning on brass instruments must now submit a pre-screening video before being invited to the live audition dates in December, January, or February.   For full information on the new audition and application process, refer to the Blair Admissions page and carefully read all the requirements.  Be sure to take notice of all dates and deadlines!

    Audition Tips:

    • The important thing to keep in mind when selecting repertoire is that you present a well-rounded musical package.   Show us the best of what you can do, and make sure you show us multiple facets of your playing, even if your selections do not exactly match the above recommendations.   For example, when selecting orchestral excerpts  to play, you might choose the Tuba Mirum to show off your control and lyricism, Ride of the Valkyries to show your power and precision, and Bolero to show your range and ability to play stylistically.
    • Dress nicely and present yourself as professionally as possible.
    • Come well-prepared.   I suggest that students perform their audition repertoire multiple times for friends, family, teachers, etc. before stepping on-stage to audition for college.

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