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Cultural Heritage in Context: The Future of the Past

Cultural HeritageCultural Heritage in Context: The Future of the Past. Cultural heritage is under threat globally as a casualty of war, economic development, and environmental changes. This course deals with the protection and preservation of the tangible and intangible products of human societies from prehistory to the present. Given the complexities of cultural heritage management, the study of cultural heritage is relevant to multiple disciplines in the humanities (art, history, history of art, languages, philosophy), social sciences (anthropology, archaeology, communication studies, economics, sociology), and hard sciences (aerospace, computer science, materials sciences), as well as law and music. It should be of special interest to students in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), since the military often engages conflicts that threaten cultural heritage. The course will introduce students to current issues in cultural heritage by Vanderbilt faculty and invited lecturers. Students will then undertake their own case-study of cultural heritage under threat.

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