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Design Thinking, Design Doing

design-thinking-for-webDesign Thinking, Design Doing (UNIV 3350/5350) will provide an introduction to theories and practices of design. The design thinking elements of the course offer a critical understanding of methods for researching interactions between humans and the social and built environment, whereas the design doing elements teach us how to develop purposeful interventions that result in more meaningful and effective interactions. We will do design using a human-centered process while at the same we will think design as we examine what and how people can learn as engage in the design process.

The primary vehicle for student learning is participation in team-based design projects in the areas of education, business, and health. Our learning is supported through lectures, discussions, readings, in-class exercises, and through a series of formal design reviews that encourage reflection on students’ process and their insights. Students will spend significant time observing, listening to, analyzing, storytelling, and otherwise engaging users as they develop and implement meaningful and transformative designs.

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