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The Causes and Consequences of LGBTQ Public Policies

lgbtflagThe Causes and Consequences of LGBTQ Public Policies will introduce students to critical questions about public policies for LGBTQ populations, including: legal access to same-sex marriage; nondiscrimination policies in employment, housing, and public accommodation, including whether they are trans-inclusive; so-called ‘bathroom bills’; religious freedom restoration laws (also called ‘conscience’ acts); and others. The course will investigate the causes, correlates, and consequences of these policies using the lenses of economics, law, sociology, political science, and public health and medicine. Students will critically analyze leading research articles and mainstream media discussions of LGBTQ-related public policies; hear from guest speaker experts; perform an immersive data-intensive research project; and visit Tennessee state legislators to understand views on a range of LGBTQ-related issues. The course advances multiple parts of the university-wide strategic plan, including: immersive research and learning experiences; enhancing the undergraduate residential experience; fostering interdisciplinary perspectives; and focusing on health and health care solutions.

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