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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial IntelligenceThe Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Over the past decade, AI technology has progressed exponentially, becoming a key fabric of our everyday lives across e-commerce, educational and research platforms, entertainment, and the popular imaginary. While marvelous advancements in the sector have been celebrated as the sublimation of human reason, the mysterious workings, existential implication, and potential misuse of AI have also become cause for concern, catalyzing demands to establish ethical standards and regulatory parameters. Responding to this urgent need, this course explores the composition and representations of AI technology from an ethical perspective. Students will learn basic yet fundamental aspects of intelligent, computational modeling and processing, and critically reflect on their learnings through literary/philosophical/legal/business materials through workshops, discussions, guest lectures, and field trips. Aiming to cultivate interdisciplinary and immersive learning, the course will build toward creative projects, which will be showcased in a conference-fair at the end of the semester.

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