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The History and Science of Brewing

Brewer Mike Lundell performs tests on a batch of beer at Summit Brewing in St. Paul, Minn. Friday, Sept. 20, 2013.The Science and History of Brewing (UNIV 3330) is designed to provide students with an historical, cultural and religious perspective on the use and abuse of alcohol, an understanding of the neuroscience of reward and addiction, and the actual biochemical process involved in brewing and consuming beer. For the university, it will open a new, cross-discipline area of education for students, spanning the Schools of Medicine and Arts & Sciences. This course will advance diversity by educating students on the way various cultures worldwide, past and present, produce and consume fermented beverages. It will make them aware of customs in other societies and among diverse human communities associated with this historical food. Students will also learn about the practices of other religions, particularly how fermented products play into their spiritual rituals and customs, and the environmental impacts of brewing globally and over long term history.

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