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USAC Welcomed Next Steps at Vanderbilt University

Posted by on Thursday, October 11, 2018 in Announcements, News.


At its October meeting, USAC welcomed Emilee Bauer, Program Coordinator for Next Steps at Vanderbilt University. The Next Steps program services students with intellectual disabilities interested in obtaining a college education. The first of its kind in the state of Tennessee, this program started in 2010 with a cohort of six students and lasted two years in length. Now, Next Steps at Vanderbilt is a four-year program and admits 10 students per cohort.

Enrolled students participate in Vanderbilt courses, as well as career and community studies (CCS) which include self-awareness, and independent living lectures. Students complete about six hours of Vanderbilt courses and three hours of CCS courses.

Throughout their time at Vanderbilt, Next Steps students explore career development opportunities to assist them with determining their career interests, establishing career goals, complete internship opportunities, and build transferable soft skills, and employability skills.

Next Steps students are encouraged to become engaged with the Vanderbilt community to connect with peers, engageĀ in events, and explore new cultures. Next Steps students have access to the same student organizations, campus offices and services that all Vanderbilt students use.

One-on-one relationships are built between Next Steps students and Vanderbilt students through the Ambassadores Student Organization. Ambassadores provide five main areas of support – daily planner, tutor, workout partner, lunch partner, and campus life ambassador. Interested Vanderbilt students are invited to join the Ambassadors Student Organization.

Students come from all over the United States to attend Next Steps at Vanderbilt. The possibility of on campus housing is forthcoming. In the meanwhile, students interested in assistance with housing can contact the Next Steps Residential Director for assistance with finding a place to live.

To learn more about Next Steps at Vanderbilt, click here.

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