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People with Disabilities

Green Cove Springs, FL

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Located right outside Jacksonville, FL, Challenge Enterprises and its career-centered branch Club Challenge provides person-centered programs, services, and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In company with individuals with disabilities, participants will spend their week assisting with work projects, beautifying the premises, participating in special activities such as bowling, and preparing and sharing dinners. On Friday evening, participants will help throw the Challenge dance as a culmination of a week spent getting to know individuals with disabilities on a personal level. The site will illuminate participants on the Challenge Enterprises approach to “the Power of People and Possibilities.”

Site Leaders: TBD
Site Cost: $263

Greenfield, NH

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Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, a residential school in Greenfield, NH, has been serving children and adults with disabilities and their families since 1953. Participants on this site will be placed into individual classrooms in the school, working as mentors to students between ages 5 and 23, while living alongside wonderful children with developmental, emotional, and physical disabilities who are working hard to be able to fit into the outside world. Volunteers will experience firsthand the joys and challenges of working at a residential care facility that caters to the needs of people with disabilities.

Site Leaders: TBD
Site Cost: $538

Talladega, AL

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The MGH Special Equestrians Arena was founded to promote the wellbeing of students at the nearby Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB). This therapeutic horse-riding program operates out of a 39,000 square foot facility and serves nearly 400 children who have either a visual impairment, hearing impairment, or multiple disabilities. Each activity in the equine-centered program targets an aspect of physical and/or emotional wellbeing, leaving AIDB students with improved balance and motor skills, verbal skills, and self-esteem. Volunteers at MGH will assist in caring for the horses, work on several maintenance projects in the barn, and mentor children with sensory impairments in riding classes. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of a multi-faceted, animal-centered approach to therapy, colored by those who love and care for it.

Site Leaders: TBD
Site Cost: $218

Austin, TX

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Art can serve as a powerful outlet for expression and self-discovery, particularly for individuals with disabilities. Few places promote the benefits of art as well as Austin, Texas. In this cultural hub, participants will start off the week with Austin Harmony Project, whose mission is to enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities through art, music, and community. The majority of the week will be spent at Arc of the Capital Area, an organization that offers comprehensive support to adults with disabilities. The Arc provides its artists with classes, studio space, and art shows that are designed to stimulate creativity, boost feelings of self-worth, and increase independence. Participants will also have the opportunity to contribute to Imagine Art, which provides a free fine arts studio, community garden, and support groups for artists with a wide spectrum of disabilities. By both learning about and serving in these dynamic art galleries, participants will gain an enriched understanding of inclusive art.

Site Leaders: TBD
Site Cost: $238