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Group Meeting: 5 August 2013

Posted by on Monday, August 5, 2013 in Meeting Notes, News.

We had a very small, but productive meeting today.  We had a very lengthy discussion of two topics:

a)       Gender and MOOCs — Specifically in terms of the reception of the material by the learners.

b)       How to best safeguard against cross-gender/cross-cultural issues in teaching a MOOC.

We’re dealing with large worldwide populations, and it’s not quite evident that many even think about this.  Is American humor appropriate for the MOOC environment?  Is a subgroup of American society’s humor appropriate for the international MOOC environment?

We also helped one group member understand one element of a mapping exercise.

Finally, we’re now at the point to where we can start the “what happens now” discussion.  I’d like to challenge all of you with the coming next week having thought about:

a)       Would you be interested in working on a collaboration in writing up:

i) An informal write up of the experience for internal use at Vanderbilt (i.e. to publish on the Vandy website);

ii)  A more formal article to be sent out to a scholarly journal

b)       What would those projects look like?

I mentioned a “faux ethnographic” study, in which we described each participant’s experience.  “Subject A was a graduate student in Belarus literature and she…..” It’s only an idea.


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