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Small Group Discussion Meeting

Posted by on Thursday, August 8, 2013 in News.


In a small group of four, we very informally discussed what we thought would be the “ideal MOOC.”  We were so engaged in the conversation that we actually didn’t even know that more than 90 minutes had passed and had to “force-end” it.

Professor Robinson has greatly inspired us.  Many of the things that we discussed were not necessarily perceived weaknesses with his course, but were things that came to our mind as a result of being part of this MOOC.  All in all, we came to the conclusion that this is certainly NOT an easy thing, and if anything feels that just putting together a few videos constitutes the creation of a MOOC, they are very mistaken.

Our outstanding conversation went quickly from one topic to another, but here were some of the things that we discussed:

  1. Consideration of your audience and how you want to “brand yourself;”
  2. Modes of presentation of materials:  text? audio? video?
  3. Instructions for assignments:  I learned today about the difference between the squares and the circles on those quizzes, did you notice them?
  4. Depth of coverage of material:  superficial?  excessively detailed?
  5. Language:  Not all of your participants will be English speakers!  Will they get your jokes and your American cultural references (i.e. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s?)
  6. And, we also spoke at length about those discussion forums.   Ah, those forums……

We will have a homework session, tomorrow Friday August 9, at 1:00pm.

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