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The Calm After the Show

Rubrics Matter: Our Upcoming Peer Assessment

by Derek Bruff At yesterday’s study group meeting, we briefly discussed the upcoming peer assessment activity in #MapMOOC. I’m excited to try and tell a story through a map, but I’m a bit worried about the quality of feedback I’ll receive from other MOOC students. Given the research on peer assessment conducted by the CFT’s…

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13-07-29 VandyMaps

Second Week Reflections: Social Learning in a MOOC

Our discussion on Monday of the social aspects of learning in a MOOC was an interesting one. It’s clear that many of us are benefiting from the interactions we’re having with our local study group, although I wonder what our study group members who weren’t present on Monday would say about that. Perhaps some of…

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Group Meeting: 29 July 2013

I’m certain that Derek Bruff will have something to post, but I’d like to make a few thoughts known, in relation to today’s conversation. First and foremost, I feel that my learning is facilitated by contact with others.  I’ve come to that conclusion.  I can successfully complete assignments and process material on my own, but…

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Collaborative Homework Sessions

Today we had our first collaborative work session.  We watched the videos for Lesson 2 and completed the mapping assignment. I have a few observations. 1.  I really appreciated the ability to “talk things out” with Cliff and Mona today.  I didn’t realize how this mattered in my comprehension of the material in Lesson One…

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Finding home and heading out

Quick comment to Derek’s promptings: 1) Great point about an activity that jump starts a MOOC’s involvement. I/we will take that to heart. But I see that opening activity as having two at least two purposes: a) to pull folks into the MOOC, but also b) to help them establish a “posse”, some smaller community…

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Informal Small Group Meeting

Today’s Informal Small Group Meeting made me feel like the Maytag Man.

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First Week Reflections: Getting Started, Getting Lost

A few brief reflections on the first week of the course, now that I’ve completed the Week 1 activities… The very first course activity, placing oneself on a shared map, generated a surprising amount of discussion, both in the forums and among our study group. I had seen this activity as something of a lark,…

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Todd’s Notes, July 22

We had a great meeting, with a lively discussion this morning. But, before we begin talking about that, let’s get some announcements out of the way! –Large group meetings are on Mondays at 10:00 AM. –Small, informal group meetings are on Thursdays at 3:00 PM. –All meetings take place in CSLS: 001 Furman Hall. –A…

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