THE WINTER’S TALE by Abby Anspach, Isabelle Mann, and Shellyn Qi

Introduction Three Vanderbilt students, Shellyn, Abby, and Isabelle, went to watch The Winter’s Tale, directed by Santiago Sosa. This interpretation of Shakespeare’s fanciful story was set in a fairytale world inspired by the diverse South American cultures during the Gran Colombia era, and it featured live music. It was produced by The Nashville Shakespeare Festival,…

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SENSE AND SENSIBILITY by Angie Deng, Stefanie Rock, and Xiaoyuan Zhou

Introduction Sense and Sensibility, originally written as a novel by Jane Austen, has been adapted as a play and is directed by René D. Copeland in 2017. Sense and Sensibility is a romantic comedy set in England during the eighteenth century and centered around the Dashwood family, particularly the two eldest sisters, Elinor and Marianne….

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I Ain’t No Country Fan (But Man You Sure Sound Good To Me)

Being in Nashville’s historic Station Inn, made famous for its place in the bluegrass scene since 1971, a musical is far from expected. Around me, the lively audience with beers in hand waits anxiously for the arrival of Doyle and Debbie. The play, written by Ben Arntson, performed as Doyle and Jennifer Blood as Debbie,…

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Set Design and Limitations on Identity: Walter Lee in Nashville Rep’s A Raisin in the Sun

Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun is an unprecedented classic surging into existence at a time when it might have seemed least likely. Due to a cast of all-black characters and hesitant investors, producer Philip Rose had to work for a year to earn enough money to produce the play, but it garnered huge…

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Post Racial or Post Raisin?

Nashville Rep’s recent production of Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 classic A Raisin in the Sun is a striking reminder of the naivete and falsehood of claiming that we have achieved a “post-racial” society. The talkback I attended with members of the cast erased any ambiguity about the play’s continued relevance in 2017. Early on, an audience…

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Never Stop, Never Settle

  The day was Wednesday March 1, 2017 and I hurried my way across Vanderbilt’s campus just in time to sneak into Neely Auditorium. Tim Miller (internationally acclaimed performance artist Tim Miller) was getting ready to perform acts from his new one-man show followed by a question and answer with the audience to further allow…

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Cabaret Vanderbilt: Gender Play: Gender, Sexuality, and Racial Issues and Initiatives at Vanderbilt

On Saturday, April 15th, in Neely Auditorium, Vanderbilt University Theatre (VUT) performed a whimsical yet meaningful production of Cabaret Vanderbilt: Gender Play written by the VUT cast members themselves. The audience members were students, parents, and faculty. This play captured the lives of the cast members and their take on gender, gender roles, sexuality and…

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Cabaret Vanderbilt: Gender, Sexuality, and More

Cabaret Vanderbilt is an entertaining, wildly unique and impactful production that tackles the societal tradition to categorize genders into specific roles and actions. They discuss the harms and abnormalities of these gender norms, including how it affects people’s perceptions of each other and our culture. Throughout the play, we are guided by Antonio Peraza and…

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A Play on Gender; Cabaret Vanderbilt: Gender Play

A deep-voiced siren entered stage-right and was illuminated with a spotlight as he greeted a couple and a few single ladies. He, Antonio Peraza, channeled Joel Gray in a heavy, French accent and sang the introduction to Cabaret until he was stopped and corrected by a woman clad in a bright, ostentatious, and feathery robe….

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Cabaret Vanderbilt: It’s the Norm that is Complicated

The first production of Cabaret Vanderbilt: Gender Play shown at Neely Auditorium and open to the general public was altogether exactly what I expected and yet nothing like it.  Almost out of a Rocky Horror Picture Show, the cast redefined typical notions of gender and redirected targets onto societal norms themselves.  The cast, made up…

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