THE DIWALI SHOWCASE: NAMESAKE by Krystina Schultz, Isabel Nepomuceno, Gabrielle Corona, Ava Sansone

This critical dialogue discussion took place in in Krystina, Isabel, and Gabby’s suite in Carmichael Towers West at 10:00 am on November 12th, the morning after the performance took place. Krystina is a Senior at Vanderbilt from Houston, Texas majoring in Psychology. Isabel is a Senior from Manila, Philippines majoring in Political Science. Gabby is…

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BLOODY, BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON by Monte Coulter, Ansley Petherick, and Meagan Prewitt

Introduction:  This group saw the Nashville Repertory Theatre’s production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.  Monte and Meagan saw the production on October 28 and Ansley saw it on October 12 at a pre-performance.  The dialogue took place on the afternoon of October 29 in Monte’s dorm room.  As Blair…

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SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR by Mara Beard, Walker Grisanti, and Naush Hussain

In the midst of midterm season and in the wake of the suicide of one of our dear students, Vanderbilt University Theatre performed the production, Six Characters in Search of an Author. The themes addressed in Six Characters fit perfectly in light of these times. The play chronicles the six characters’ tragic life stories and…

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SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR by Catherine Armbrust, Johnathan Guo, Jae Lee

Introduction:   After attending Six Characters in Search of an Author separately, we sat down to discuss the play and our thoughts on it.  We chose to hang out in the lounge next to Local Java and discuss the play in the evening.  To provide some context, Six Characters in Search of an Author was…

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SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR by Mikaela Baker, Olivia Lampley, and Samuel Lee

This critical discussion is about the production of Six Characters in Search of an Author put on by Vanderbilt University Theatre. It was produced in the black box theatre of Neely Auditorium for primarily the Vanderbilt community. The conversation took place among Mikaela, Sam and Olivia in upstairs Rand in a quiet corner in the…

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TONGUE ‘N CHEEK by Rachel Pask, Allison Zobrist, Alec Rothschild, Taylor Cvern

INTRO: Our group saw the Friday, November 17th performance of Tongue n Cheek at a lecture hall in Wilson. Directly after the performance our group met up in a vacant classroom to discuss the performance. The room had long rectangular tables, which were not conducive to having an open conversation. In order to counteract this,…

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FUN HOME by Hannah Bergman, Cami Gottlieb, Lauren Mehlman, and Macie Wasserberger

Intro: We had our critical dialogue discussion in Hannah’s dorm room late Saturday night.  We all sat around in a circle on the floor, and discussed the play Fun Home.  The setting was very intimate, and being good friends, we felt comfortable talking to each other about the setting, themes, and other aspects of the…

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COMMODORE QUAKE by Daavi Gazelle, Masiray Swaray, and Xinyi Tang

Cindee, Daavi, and Masiray Critical Dialogue – Commodore Quake 10/17/17   Our group attended Commodore Quake on October 5th, 2017. We all watched the concert from the floor, and attended both the SZA and Migos performances. Our conversation took place at 3pm on Sunday, October 10th, 2017, in a meeting room in the basement of…

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KID SIMPLE by Jacob Coeur, Andrew Fisher, and Vivian Zhu

Jacob: This conversation is taking place in Kissam Center on October 1st at 4 p.m. My name is Jacob Coeur and I’m a senior at Vanderbilt. I’m interested in theater because I acted in plays in high school and just wanted to see all of the other aspects that went into theater including production, writing…

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KID SIMPLE by Annie Bradford, Baker Newman, and Ellis Wells

Perhaps it’s fitting that Vanderbilt University Theatre presented Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh just at the beginning of midterms season, a time when many students feel that they put an unreasonable amount of themselves into their schoolwork. The production, staged in Neely Auditorium, chronicled the story of a young girl named Moll who…

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