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On this campus, emotions are…

Posted by on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 in News.

…taboo.  People often feel that they must put on a brave face which can mean hiding true emotions.

…outwardly only positive.  It’s not normal on this campus to express any emotion other than “I’m doing fine.”

…swept under the rug.  A campus like Vanderbilt is very tough academically and socially.  I feel like a lot of students paint on a face or a persona to be viewed in a particular light.

…apparently very important.  We have free therapy and got voted #1 Happiest Campus.

…considered secondary to obligations.  Emotions cloud your to-do list.

…diverse.  With the diversity on campus, there are many different things people are passionate about.

…polarized.  Sometimes we focus too much on our differences instead of what brings us together.

…volatile.  People tend of overreact.

…supported.  There are various resources dedicated to insure that people feel emotionally stable.

…encouraged.  Vanderbilt strives to have students let others know how they feel so that positive changes can be made.

…dependent on gender.  Men are expected to not have them, and women are expected to have an overflow of them.


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