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February 17th, Vanderbilt University Theatre performed a meaningful production of Will Eno’s Gnit, in Neely Auditorium; this play follows life of Peter Gnit, filled with moments of life’s peaks and valleys. While following Peter on his self-righteous ascent to discover his “real self,” we are often forewarned about the dangers of such a journey and the common obsessions that come with this journey towards a realization of self. The play and Vanderbilt University Theater dared myself and college students alike, to learn from Peter’s journey and repercussions. As I left Neely Auditorium, I found myself questioning if I was trying to focus on something that could not be obtained in24 hours? It also left questions in my head as to why I was not focused on the time that I had in front of me instead of trying to reach for the things in the far future. That Friday evening, on this college campus where many of us are on a similar mission to find our true selves, VUT’s production delivered a message to not only myself, but also students alike to refocus our energy on the world we are living in right now.

This all begins when Peter decides it would be smart to steal a bride ad after he steals the bride he eventually left town. This all begins his single-minded thought process on his way to what he thought would be a journey of finding his true self. This pathway leads to anxiety when he needs to commit to something and as a result he was never able to fully commit to anything. This angst that Peter suffers from not only hurts him, but it also affects the people that are surrounding him as well. For example, his fear of commitment leads to the hurt of the many women that he hooks up with. Eventually this journey to find peters true self leads him to find nothing, but loneliness and despair. Myself a people alike should use this quest by Peter to find his true self as an example of how each and every one of us should live our lives. We should not live a life of egocentrism, but more of a fulfilled life that is not forced.

As a young man this play inspired me to take a look back on my life and examine my life and how I have lived. It has inspired me to be more self conscious about how I am living my life and how it affects the people around me. Not only does how I approach life affect my family and myself; it affects the organizations that I am apart of such as Vanderbilt Football or the Wond’ry. Lastly, even though the message was not blatantly stated, the audience and myself were able to pickup the underlying message through the actions and communication between the actors on stage.

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I love Charles post right here. Having the opportunity to watch Gnit really opened my eyes to a lot of things in my own personal life. Many times we as humans take for granted the many opportunities we have at the present moment. As Charles mentioned in his article the identification of ones “Real self.” As people unfortunantly we live in a world today where many times finding ones true self is a difficult task in the midst of a changing society. As Peter sought out on his journey to discover himself he hurt many individuals along the way. This truly speaks volumes to American culture as we have been consumed by television personalities, rap culture, sports figures all giving the perception of the fast pace lifestyle moving from person to person carefree of anyones feellings besides themselves. Just as Peter was unable to gain nothing but loneliness and despair thats what being uncommited will give one. As a christian student-athlete this play really made me question not only myself but those around me.

Jordan Griffin on April 26th, 2017 at 9:31 am

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