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Never Stop, Never Settle

  The day was Wednesday March 1, 2017 and I hurried my way across Vanderbilt’s campus just in time to sneak into Neely Auditorium. Tim Miller (internationally acclaimed performance artist Tim Miller) was getting ready to perform acts from his new one-man show followed by a question and answer with the audience to further allow…

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Yes, Gnit Now!

As I strolled into Neely Auditorium on a Thursday evening, the first thing I noticed was the transformed space. I was no longer in my secondary classroom for Intro to Theatre 1010, I was no longer walking into a room with black walls and empty seats, I was walking into a magnificent presentation. And in…

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The Last One You’d Expect

As someone who has grown up surrounded by athletics, currently works in athletics, and hopes to work in athletics the rest of my life, you could say that going out to the theatre to see a musical is not one of my main hobbies. However, because it was a class requirement, I borrowed my friend’s…

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Those Damn Yankees Did it Again

On January 20, 2017, in Blaire School of Music’s Ingram Hall, nearly every seat was filled with audience members anxiously anticipating Vanderbilt Off-Broadway’s performance of Damn Yankees. The buzz floating around Vanderbilt’s campus was that the production was a hilarious rendition of the original 1955 Broadway show. Not to say I wasn’t looking forward to…

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Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour

“9:14, Saturday, September 24” an audience member’s phone reads as he looks down to check the time. He nearly drops his phone from his moist palm; sweaty with anticipation for the moment he has been waiting his whole life for. Arguably the most famous artist on the planet, and his all time favorite artist was…

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