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Yamn Dankees: VOB’s 20th Mainstage Production

With about as much verve as the Washington Senators, Vanderbilt Off-Broadway (VOB) begins the spring semester with the Faustian baseball musical Damn Yankees. Many thought the show was an unusual pick for an organization like VOB, whose last mainstage productions included more contemporary pieces like Legally Blonde and The Addams Family. But director Hannah Lazarz’…

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Damn Yankees: Relatable yet Remote

  It was Saturday night and Ingram Hall was almost filled-up when I arrived. As I managed my way to a vacant seat, I felt the vibrancy and excitement of the audience, fidgeting over the soon-to-begin, contemporary presentation of Dame Yankees by Vanderbilt Off-Broadway (VOB). Originally brought on stage in the 1950s, Damn Yankees was…

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