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How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes

Sojourn Theatre and How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes by Isabelle Shain

Created by Sojourn Theatre after a year of research, How to End Poverty in 90 minutes opened for its first show at Northwestern University in 2013. Since then, How to End Poverty in 90 minutes has traveled to Louisiana State University, the Portland Playhouse, Warren Miller Performing Arts Center in Montana, and Vanderbilt University. How…

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How To End Poverty: The Case for Curiosity, Conversation, and Community

When producing a show, a key question to consider is why this show now? Theatre has been around for centuries as an efficacious art form. Plays and musicals take on the form of satire and social commentary, serving to inspire and motivate the audience to take action. Vanderbilt University Theatre‚Äôs production of How to End…

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