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Diwali 2015: A Blending of Cultures by Kevin Adams

On the night of November 7th, hundreds of students waited in line outside Langford Auditorium, anxiously awaiting entrance to the annual showing of Diwali. The performance shares its name with the Hindu holiday that occurs in autumn, translating to the “Festival of Lights.” Put on by student members of the SACE (South Asian Cultural Exchange)…

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Diwali: One Step towards Cultural Awareness by Julie Jones

On November 7th, I attended SACE’s Diwali 2015 Showcase: Inside Out. Diwali is a cultural dance show named after the largest and most important Hindu festival of the year. Characterized by colorful costumes, energetic movement, and smiling faces, Diwali is a masterpiece of showmanship. Each act is comprised of dozens of Vanderbilt students dancing in…

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The Diwali 2015 Showcase: Inside Out by Yusuke Kishima

Suddenly, I was immersed in another world. I marveled at the unique aspects of the mise-en-scène that appeared before my eyes: the many talented actors, cultural costumes and colorful lighting. But when I regained consciousness and returned to reality, I realized where I was; Langford Auditorium at Vanderbilt University, a place not commonly associated with…

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