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“Those Damn Yankees”

  Baseball, America’s favorite past-time, gains a little more “heart” in Vanderbilt Off-Broadway’s (VOB) production of Damn Yankees. Taking a step into the 1950’s, we follow Joe Boyd (Sammy Lyons) as he strikes a deal with the Devil, known as Applegate (Alex Schecter), to help Joe’s favorite team, the Washington Senators, make it to the…

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“You Gotta Have Heart”: Show Stopping and Soul Searching in VOB’s DAMN YANKEES

Vanderbilt Off-Broadway’s production of Damn Yankees delivers everything you might want in a classic musical—big song and dance numbers, jokes that feel surprisingly relevant to today’s political climate (along with adlibs that blatantly call out the newly inaugurated 45th president), and faithfulness to social realities of the 1950s that leave you wondering whether or not…

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Damn Yankees: Relatable yet Remote

  It was Saturday night and Ingram Hall was almost filled-up when I arrived. As I managed my way to a vacant seat, I felt the vibrancy and excitement of the audience, fidgeting over the soon-to-begin, contemporary presentation of Dame Yankees by Vanderbilt Off-Broadway (VOB). Originally brought on stage in the 1950s, Damn Yankees was…

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Legally Blonde: Charming and Insightful

This semester in Ingram Hall, Vanderbilt Off-Broadway (VOB) produced Legally Blonde, a musical based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture. A snowstorm in January required the group to shift the much-anticipated second and third showings of the musical from January 22 and 23 to February 6 and 7. Regardless, the…

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