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Inventory of Educational Technology at Vanderbilt Summary

OVERVIEW: In November of 2014, all 4299 members of the Vanderbilt Faculty were asked to complete an inventory of their use of educational technologies in teaching. 1156 members responded, for an overall response rate of 27%.  Within the 4 undergraduate colleges, the response rate averaged 43%. 216 written, free text responses, of over 70 words…

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Three Pillars of MOOC Zen

Many of us are familiar with the good, fast, cheap paradigm.  For all of us producing courses, and really producing anything, we know this all too well. Many times, being able to accomplish just two of these is a huge feat.  But I would like to suggest that when equally balanced you are achieving MOOC Zen….

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Creative Practice Boot Camp, January 2015

The Creative Practice Boot Camp, a one-day workshop offered by the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy is a wonderful opportunity for Vanderbilt faculty, staff, students and community get into hands-on exploration doing things you would never do otherwise. From their apt description, the Boot Camp “focuses on creative practice—hands-on workshops that enable…

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"How Do I ... ?"

How do I … record an interaction with a presentation using my iPad?

Great question! Professors often want to know how to create a “Khan Academy-style” interactive whiteboard recorded presentation. Sometimes, they also want to be able to record themselves interacting with a  presentation they’ve already created for class. These kinds of recordings can be very useful when planning for a flipped classroom lesson, an online activity, or…

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Lessons and Courses as Narrative

When I was an undergraduate taking the computer science data structures course at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), Professor Standish planted a metaphor in my head that has never left. He referred to the “dance” of computation that happened inside every computer. When I inaugurated the data structures course, CS 201, at Vanderbilt in…

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Replies, mentions, and retweets of #tspotter

Snow Days & Twitter Reporting

Though today is a snow day at Vanderbilt Campus, we at VIDL never let a little bit of weather stop us. In honor of today’s storm, this post is a look at how Tennesseans are using Twitter to report on the storm. One of my favorite topics is the role of citizens in the new digital…

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Photo Credit: “Class Prep in a Digital Age” by Cynthia J. Cyrus; cc

The “Just-in-Time” MOOC is Dead

VIDL will only finalize and announce the start date of a session-based massive, open, online course (MOOC) on the Coursera platform when the instructors’  contributions to the course, to include videos and assessments, are submitted, perhaps in draft form, thereby allowing VIDL to accurately estimate when it will finish editing and otherwise readying the course to…

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"Model for Online Courses" by Flickr user Giulia Forsythe, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Instructional Design in Action

  Although the instructional design process has been around for a long time, even here in the higher education environment, many folks aren’t sure what it means. While there are variations in descriptions of what an instructional designer does, Richey, Klein & Tracey’s (2011) definition of instructional design gets at the core of what is…

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The question seems inappropriate (even other than the questionable use of ‘MOOC’ as a verb), because Vanderbilt has been offering MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, for almost two years now. The time to ask this question has clearly passed. Yet at the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning, we sit at a crossroads regarding our MOOCs….

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Blog Screenshot

Elaborating VIDL’s Missions One Post at a Time

Anyone who has been following VIDL knows that we have been blogging more in the last few months than we did in our first year. We are increasing the volume and regularity of our blog activity even more, starting this week. This won’t be blogging for blogging’s sake. Rather, we want to tell, in a…

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