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Students as Knowledge Producers

“Students as Producers” is perhaps one of the most exciting trends in the higher-education classroom.  In essence, the approaches moves the student from being a consumer of information, to an active partner in its creation.  In practice, it gives the student far greater choice of project parameters and often results in the creation of a…

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In Pursuit of Digital Pedagogy: Workflow & Teaching

Now that the semester is over and grades are submitted, the campus feels like a sleepy oasis. Most professors and grad students are off doing research, and trying not to think of the fall. Yet, I think summer is perhaps the best time to start thinking about course planning, and especially about how to integrate…

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Flipped Learning Research

A recent article in Campus Technology highlights research on flipped learning at several institutions. In “Where Flipped Learning Research Is Going,” David Raths points out that while general research shows that the flipped classroom has a positive impact on student outcomes, many projects are underway that “try to quantify the impact of flipping” in part…

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VIDL On Location: Texas A&M

Aidan Hoyal and I just returned from a short trip to College Station Texas where we filmed at the 2015 CIRTL Forum. These will be used in the upcoming MOOC which will be second in a series of MOOC produced for the CIRTL Network on STEM teaching, the first course being “An Introduction to Evidence…

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In Pursuit of Digital Pedagogy: Citizen Journalism & Video Essays

In Pursuit of Digital Pedagogy: A Series on Digital Tools in the Classroom Citizen Journalism & Video Essays [New to the series? Check out Part I / Part II] So we’re finally at the end of this series on Citizen Journalism, and as is often the case the end point is much different than the…

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Flipped Classroom Workshop

On Tuesday, April 7, VIDL and CfT held our second Conversation on Digital Pedagogy.  The topic this time was the “flipped” or hybrid classroom, featuring Katherine Friedman, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Jesse Blocher, Assistant Professor of Finance, and Emilianne McCranie, PhD student in Chemistry. The event was live tweeted with the hashtag #VUDigiPed and the storify version…

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VIDL Innovation Grants – Presentations from 2014-15 awardees

This semester, the VIDL seminar series began with an engaging presentation from the VIDL Innovation Grants (VIGs) award recipients. This was the first round of projects that were funded from VIDL.  The term of the grant is from July 2014 – June 2015 (roughly the academic year 2014-15); we requested the recipients to give an…

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Talks on the Present and Future of Higher Education

On Tuesday, April 7, Jeffrey Selingo, former editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education,  will deliver the inaugural Schmidt Family Educational Technology Lecture. Selingo’s lecture, “College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education,” will be in Jacobs Believed In Me Auditorium, 134 Featheringill Hall, April 7 at 4:00 p.m. I first heard the “unbound” characterization of…

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Harvard Gazette: Massive study on MOOCs

The Harvard Gazette recently published a report of a massive study on MOOCs, the operational word being massive: this study was based on a huge data set from 68 open online courses offered by HarvardX and MITx over 2 years, including 1.7 million participants, 10 million participants hours, and 1.1 billion logged events. Key Findings…

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EdTech at Vanderbilt

Visualization Techniques

Options for visualizing information have never been more numerous.  The recent EdTech survey showed our faculty using well over 40 different tools in their classroom efforts alone.  The slide below shows some of the most popular general-use online tools currently being employed on campus. The purpose of this post will be to highlight some of…

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