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Storytelling: Facing the challenge of engaging large audiences

Last Spring Semester an announcement for a workshop from Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching caught my eye: Storytelling and the craft of teaching offered by Clare Murphy. Participants were faculty from different departments, and we went around playing games and using storytelling techniques in creative ways with a common goal: rekindling student engagement in the classroom,…

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Digital Learning and Residential Education

There is much in the intersection of digital learning and residential education, which may seem counterintuitive to some. As but one example, I highlighted Head of Hank Ingram House, Kyla Terhune, and her husband, Rick’s, creation of a residence-hall learning group around Jay Clayton’s Online Games massive, open, online course, in our highlights video not long ago….

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Using Zotero Group Libraries to create a Collaborative Class Bibliography

This is a guest post by VIDL’s HASTAC Graduate Fellow, Daniel O’Maley I want to share a quick and productive way to incorporate digital technology into a course by telling you about my recent experience using Zotero to do just that. Currently, I am a teaching assistant (TA) for Vanderbilt’s undergraduate Medical Anthropology course being…

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EdTech at Vanderbilt

Social Media in the Classroom

Faculty across campus are incorporating and experimenting with a wide range of social media in and out of the classroom.  Social media offers an increasingly diverse set of options for the teaching environment, from low-stakes communication to stand-alone assignments to engagement with a much larger world outside of class, possibly in real-time.  The following slide…

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Teaching with Twitter

The workshop series, Conversations on Digital Pedagogy, got off to a superb start last week with short presentations by Don Rodrigues (English), Vivian Finch (German) and Aimi Hamraie (MHS) followed by a lively discussion. The panel exemplified the striking variety of teaching applications possible with Twitter.  For Don Rodrigues, Twitter provided both a series of “low-stakes” communications outside…

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"How Do I ... ?"

How Do I … Get Help Making a Video?

Great question! This is probably one of the questions we hear the most here at VIDL — which makes sense. We produce videos for learning. Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated campus-wide service supporting on-demand video production; instead, small departmental or school-specific groups — or even individuals — around campus with media production skills often respond…

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Faculty Development Seminar Triggers a Scholarly Impulse

This past Friday, I participated in a Faculty Development Seminar sponsored by the Office of the Provost: Doug Fisher – Overview of VIDL, digital tools that VU faculty are using, update on faculty survey. (20 mins) Paul Harris, overview of REDCap, how it is being used, how faculty can get started. (20 mins) Clifford Anderson,…

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Graduate Student Council 3MT – Friday Mar. 27!

Every year, the Vanderbilt Graduate Student Council hosts a local competition known as the Three Minute Thesis or 3MT. Graduate students from any school at Vanderbilt are invited to come and present their thesis/dissertation work in a mere three minutes and with a single, static presentation slide. The event is commonly advertised with a scenario:…

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Too Many Screens in the Classroom? Try Apple TV

To encourage or discourage laptops in class? The jury still seems out.  A recent survey of Vanderbilt faculty showed the campus quite split.  Obviously laptops, tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous and powerful tools, but they can be equally disruptive sources of distraction.  As anyone who has sat at the back of a recent lecture hall,…

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EdTech at Vanderbilt

In-Classroom Hardware

The vast majority of faculty respondents to our recent survey of Vanderbilt faculty on educational technology are heavy users of the in class hardware provided in most teaching rooms, with in-class computers, faculty laptops, and digital projectors easily leading the field.  Our faculty expect their presence, and expect them to simply work.  90% of respondents rated…

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