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VIDL On Location: Dave Coleman of Howard’s Apartment

VIDL’s Jeff Shoup and Aidan Hoyal recently joined Assistant Professor of Musicology Jen Gunderman on location at Howard’s Apartment studio to record an interview with local Nashville producer and musician, Dave Coleman. Coleman’s studio is one of several Music City locations that will be featured in Gunderman’s upcoming course “Understanding the Music Business: What Is…

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VIDL On Location: MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment

VIDL’s Jeff Shoup and Aidan Hoyal were thrilled to join Assistant Professor of Musicology Jen Gunderman on location at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) to record interviews with Ken Paulson, Dean of the College of Media and Entertainment, and Greg Reish, Director of the Center for Popular Music. Gunderman is working with VIDL to produce…

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A Machine Learning Course for One Vanderbilt?

Last year, as I have done the past few, I used a Stanford online course in Databases as a “multimedia textbook” for my Vanderbilt course in Databases. Students love the online course. I didn’t receive a single complaint about it, but rather glowing remarks, even if some took issue with the way I managed other…

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The Honor Code at Scale

Honor codes and concepts exist in various forms at many colleges and universities. The “short form” of the Vanderbilt Honor Code Pledge, for example, reads “I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination.” (, emphasis are mine). A Web search suggests that the phrase “on my…

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Music for Video Production:

This is video is the second in a series of 6 videos where we talk about finding music for video production, and some of the site options that are out there.  In this episode we cover Free Music Archive ( A site that distributes music under creative commons licensing. ****Addendum to the video**** The more…

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Smart Tweets

Kelli Marshall, Lecturer in the Communications Department at DePaul University, recently blogged about her experience in requiring students in a large lecture course to use Twitter. In, “Rethinking Twitter in the Classroom,” Marshall explains that the first time she required her class to tweet, many of the students “did not approve,” and she shares some…

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Music for video production: Introduction

The music you choose for you video production has a huge impact to the effectiveness of the message you are communicating. And, while you may know it is important to your project, it can be a deceptively simple task. In this video I breakdown the basics of music licensing as well as some great sites…

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Yali Chen: The Rise of MOOCs in China

The Rise of MOOCs in China: Building a Knowledge Economy in a Globally Competitive Era, by Yali Chen

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EdTech at Vanderbilt

Students as Knowledge Producers

“Students as Producers” is perhaps one of the most exciting trends in the higher-education classroom.  In essence, the approaches moves the student from being a consumer of information, to an active partner in its creation.  In practice, it gives the student far greater choice of project parameters and often results in the creation of a…

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In Pursuit of Digital Pedagogy: Workflow & Teaching

Now that the semester is over and grades are submitted, the campus feels like a sleepy oasis. Most professors and grad students are off doing research, and trying not to think of the fall. Yet, I think summer is perhaps the best time to start thinking about course planning, and especially about how to integrate…

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