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Music for Video Production:

Posted by on Friday, June 12, 2015 in Coursera, Flipped classroom, Instructional Design, MOOCs, Video Production.

This is video is the second in a series of 6 videos where we talk about finding music for video production, and some of the site options that are out there.  In this episode we cover Free Music Archive ( A site that distributes music under creative commons licensing.

****Addendum to the video****

The more I have gotten in to this site the better it has become.  One huge feature I have found, and is pretty hidden, is the ability to filter songs bases on licensing.  This almost changes entirely the usability of the site for video production.  You can’t find this feature just working through the menu.  It seems it is only when you search for a musician or piece of music where this comes up.   As you can see in the screen shot there are a bunch of other search criteria as well which will help find the right piece of music faster.  I really don’t know why these are so hidden. I assume this again goes back to the site wanting to foster a community and not just people looking to use free music for things.

Hope you enjoy the show.  Until next time.

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