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A Machine Learning Course for One Vanderbilt?

Last year, as I have done the past few, I used a Stanford online course in Databases as a “multimedia textbook” for my Vanderbilt course in Databases. Students love the online course. I didn’t receive a single complaint about it, but rather glowing remarks, even if some took issue with the way I managed other…

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The Honor Code at Scale

Honor codes and concepts exist in various forms at many colleges and universities. The “short form” of the Vanderbilt Honor Code Pledge, for example, reads “I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination.” (, emphasis are mine). A Web search suggests that the phrase “on my…

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Talks on the Present and Future of Higher Education

On Tuesday, April 7, Jeffrey Selingo, former editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education,  will deliver the inaugural Schmidt Family Educational Technology Lecture. Selingo’s lecture, “College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education,” will be in Jacobs Believed In Me Auditorium, 134 Featheringill Hall, April 7 at 4:00 p.m. I first heard the “unbound” characterization of…

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Digital Learning and Residential Education

There is much in the intersection of digital learning and residential education, which may seem counterintuitive to some. As but one example, I highlighted Head of Hank Ingram House, Kyla Terhune, and her husband, Rick’s, creation of a residence-hall learning group around Jay Clayton’s Online Games massive, open, online course, in our highlights video not long ago….

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Using Zotero Group Libraries to create a Collaborative Class Bibliography

This is a guest post by VIDL’s HASTAC Graduate Fellow, Daniel O’Maley I want to share a quick and productive way to incorporate digital technology into a course by telling you about my recent experience using Zotero to do just that. Currently, I am a teaching assistant (TA) for Vanderbilt’s undergraduate Medical Anthropology course being…

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Faculty Development Seminar Triggers a Scholarly Impulse

This past Friday, I participated in a Faculty Development Seminar sponsored by the Office of the Provost: Doug Fisher – Overview of VIDL, digital tools that VU faculty are using, update on faculty survey. (20 mins) Paul Harris, overview of REDCap, how it is being used, how faculty can get started. (20 mins) Clifford Anderson,…

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Photo Credit: “Class Prep in a Digital Age” by Cynthia J. Cyrus; cc

Wrapping learning objects around learning management

Blackboard xpLor wraps a cloud-based learning object repository around Blackboard Learn and other learning management systems (LMSs). According to the descriptions, I can create content, share it with selected groups, including the world, as well as search and obtain learning objects that meet my needs, all accessible from my LMS, Blackboard or otherwise. Its apparently…

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GIS At Vanderbilt And How It Can Help You

GIS At Vanderbilt And How It Can Help You By Natalie Richardson Lindsey Fox, GIS Coordinator, assists faculty, staff, and students access helpful research tools through GIS resources in countless ways.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enable users to create, combine, and analyze geocoded data—that is, information connected in some manner to geographic coordinates. GIS tools…

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Slogging through technology for the sake of a project you are proud of

I recently attended SIGCSE 2015 (#SIGCSE2015, @SIGCSE_TS), the big (Special Interest Group on) Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) conference. Jerry Roth of Vanderbilt’s EECS department organized and participated in a panel on using materials and infrastructure from massive, open, online courses for “closed” on-campus courses. Jerry, together with two other colleagues, also helped me organize a…

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Photo Credit: “Class Prep in a Digital Age” by Cynthia J. Cyrus; cc

Serializing an open, online course

I’m at the Coursera Partners conference Monday and Tuesday of this week, followed by SIGCSE the rest of the week. Its a week dedicated to thinking creatively about education, to writing about what I hear and imagine, and I am really looking forward to it. But much of my job is about this anyways —…

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