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VIDL On Location: MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment

VIDL’s Jeff Shoup and Aidan Hoyal were thrilled to join Assistant Professor of Musicology Jen Gunderman on location at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) to record interviews with Ken Paulson, Dean of the College of Media and Entertainment, and Greg Reish, Director of the Center for Popular Music. Gunderman is working with VIDL to produce…

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Photo Credit: “Class Prep in a Digital Age” by Cynthia J. Cyrus; cc

The “Just-in-Time” MOOC is Dead

VIDL will only finalize and announce the start date of a session-based massive, open, online course (MOOC) on the Coursera platform when the instructors’  contributions to the course, to include videos and assessments, are submitted, perhaps in draft form, thereby allowing VIDL to accurately estimate when it will finish editing and otherwise readying the course to…

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The question seems inappropriate (even other than the questionable use of ‘MOOC’ as a verb), because Vanderbilt has been offering MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, for almost two years now. The time to ask this question has clearly passed. Yet at the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning, we sit at a crossroads regarding our MOOCs….

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Statements of Service for Community Teaching Assistants of Vanderbilt’s Coursera Courses

In January, Vanderbilt started issuing Statements of Service to teaching assistants of our massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) offered through Coursera. The sample shown here is a mock-up for Professor Jay Clayton’s course on Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative. The instructor of a MOOC has the discretion to approve (or not) the release…

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VIDL 2014 In Review

This video is a trimmed down version of a video that was produced by VIDL back in February 2014, for Vanderbilt’s Board of Trust, so its dated now, but still a nice template for videos to follow, and the initial entry in a series of video blog posts by Production Manager Jeffrey Shoup and others…

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On the true significance of self-paced, online courses: the anytime MOOC

On the true significance of self-paced, online courses: the anytime MOOC Douglas H. Fisher Last year I wrote about my experience in a self-paced online course in Artificial Intelligence offered on Udacity ( The advantages of a self-paced course are most apparently in the flexibility it affords the student — a student can work their…

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