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2021 Nanoseminar Schedule

Posted by on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 in News.

The VINSE summer nanoseminar series provides an opportunity for graduate students or post-docs to share their current research with the larger VINSE community to foster discussion and collaboration.  Each seminar will consist of 2 talks of 15-20 minutes each with 10-15 minutes of questions.  The goal of these talks is to discuss and challenge the work being presented in order to promote a healthy debate.

Due to the current campus restrictions we will be holding these sessions via Zoom, Fridays at 12:00-1:00 pm. Pre-registration is required. To register: <–CLICK HERE –>.

Questions will be asked at the end of each zoom seminar session, everyone that answers questions correctly will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Winners will be announced on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook!

June 4, 2021
Drew Horseman – Lin Group
“Electro-dialytic Crystallizer: A Novel Approach to Energy Efficient Zero-liquid Discharge”

Mahmud Read – Schrimpf Group
“How short Si can go?”

June 11, 2021
Chris Sharp – Macdonald Group
“Phase control of nanoscale semiconductors through cation exchange”
Simon Ward – Weiss Group
“How Signal Processing can be an Asset to Nanoscience Research”

June 18, 2021
Kun Wang – Silvera Batista Group
“Visualization of Concentration Gradients and Colloidal Dynamics under Electrodiffusiophoresis”
Kylie Balotin – Lippmann Group
“Development of a Novel Biomaterial to Enhance Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Models”

June 25, 2021
Mariah Bezold – Duvall Group
“Injectable, Shear-thinning Hydrogels with Antioxidant Delivery of Small Molecule Drugs and Therapeutic Stem Cells for Improved Healing in Chronic Diabetic Skin Wounds”
Janna Eaves – Valentine Group
“Extreme Color Tuning of a Dynamic Metasurface using TiO2”

July 9, 2021
Nimrod Korda – Kidambi Group
“Deconstructing the parameter space of covalently bonded 2D polymers”
Maria Lopez Cavestany – King Group
“Fabrication of ZnO Nanostructured Surfaces for Enhanced Formation of Colorectal Cancer Spheroids”

July 16, 2021
Zhiliang Pan – Li Group
“Super diffusive phonon transport in ultra-thin NbSe3 nanowire”
Justin Gilmer – McCabe Group
“Utilizing the Molecular Simulation Design Framework (MoSDeF) to Screen Soft Matter Systems”

July 23, 2021
Kelly Richardson – Wright Group
“Developing a Low-Cost In Vitro Model for Studying the Blood-Brain Barrier”
Guanyu Lu – Caldwell Group
“Engineering the spectral and spatial dispersion of thermal emission using phonon polaritons”

July 30, 2021
Sen Yang – Ndukaife Group
“Nanoparticle trapping in quasi-BIC system”
VINSE Technical Staff 
“Updates on VINSE Core Facilities”