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21st Annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum NanoDay! 11/19/21 – Keynote Speaker Teri Odom

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A yearly forum for faculty, postdocs, and students engaged in nanoscience and nanotechnology research.


12:00-2:00  POSTER SESSION
2:00  Opening Remarks Dr. Sharon M. Weiss
2:20  Smart Nanotechnologies for Immuno-Oncology Dr. John T. Wilson
2:40  Solute-solute Separation: The New Frontier in Water Separation Dr. Shihong Lin
3:00  Inorganic Nanoscale Natural Product Synthesis Dr. Janet E. Macdonald
3:20  Opto-thermo-electrohydrodynamic Nanotweezers Chuchuan Hong
4:10  KEYNOTE LECTURE The Giving Nanomaterials Dr. Teri W. Odom
5:00  RECEPTION Poster Awards / VINSE Jacket Drawing

Keynote Speaker

Bio. Teri W. Odom is Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the TOdomChemistry Department at Northwestern University. She is an expert in designing structured nanoscale materials that exhibit extraordinary size and shape-dependent optical and physical properties. Odom has pioneered a suite of multi-scale nanofabrication tools that have resulted in plasmon-based nanoscale lasers that exhibit tunable color, flat optics that can manipulate light at the nanoscale, and hierarchical substrates that show controlled wetting and super-hydrophobicity. She has also invented a class of biological nanoconstructs that are facilitating unique insight into nanoparticle-cell interactions and that show superior imaging and therapeutic properties because of their gold nanostar shape.

Odom is a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) and a Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Physical Society (APS), and the Optical Society of America (OSA). Select honors and awards include: the RSC Centenary Prize; the ACS National Award in Surface Science; a Research Corporation TREE Award; a U.S. Department of Defense Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship; a Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship at Harvard University; an NIH Director’s Pioneer Award; the MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award; the National Fresenius Award from Phi Lambda Upsilon and the ACS; an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship; and a David and Lucile Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering.

Odom was founding Chair of the Noble Metal Nanoparticles Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and founding Vice-Chair of the GRC on Lasers in Micro, Nano, Bio Systems. She was an inaugural Associate Editor for Chemical Science and founding Executive Editor of ACS Photonics. She is Editor-in-Chief of Nano Letters. Odom’s Personal Story of Discovery was featured by ACS Publications.

Poster Session

  1. Transferable Coarse-Grained Model for Stratum Corneum Lipids
    Chloe Frame, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (McCabe)
  2. Confined Microtracks Establish Mechanical Memory in Migratory Breast Cancer Cells
    Jenna Mosier, Biomedical Engineering (Reinhart-King)
  3. Enhancement of Harmonic Generation in Coupled Bilayer Plasmonic Nanoparticle Films
    Nathan Spear, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (Macdonald)
  4. Facile, Scalable Production of STING-Activating Nanoparticles
    Hayden Pagendarm, Biomedical Engineering (Wilson)
  5. Engineering the Spectral and Spatial Dispersion of Thermal Emission using Phonon Polaritons
    Guanyu Lu, Mechanical Engineering (Caldwell)
  6. Systemically Delivered Lipophilic MMP13 siRNA Conjugate binds Endogenous Albumin In Situ for Efficient Joint Drug Delivery and Therapeutic Knockdown in a Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis Mouse Model
    Juan Manuel Colazo, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  7. Structure-Function Correlation in InP-Based Quantum Dots
    Sophia Click, Chemistry (Rosenthal)
  8. Stimulating Macrophage-Dependent Anti-Tumor Immunity with siRNA-Loaded, Mannosylated Nanoparticles in Ovarian Cancer
    Evan Glass, Biomedical Engineering (Giorgio)
  9. Ultrahigh Drug-Loaded Micelles Inhibit Bone Destruction and Reduce Tumor Burden in Bone Metastasis
    Dr. Richard d’Arcy, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  10. Realizing Subwavelength Featured Photonic Crystals: Tailoring Specific Applications and Foundry Scale Processing
    Kellen Arnold & Joshua Allen, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (Weiss)
  11. Phase Conversion During Cation Exchange of Cubic π-SnS to Hexagonal Cu8S
    Christopher Sharp, Chemistry (Macdonald)
  12. Molecularly-Engineered STING Agonist Delivery Technologies to Improve Cancer Immunotherapy
    Taylor Sheehy, Biomedical Engineering (Wilson)
  13. Deconstructing the Parameter Space for Scalable Synthesis of 2D Polymers via Interfacial Reactions
    Nimrod Korda, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Kidambi)
  14. Quantum Dot Tracking Illuminates the Role of Membrane Microdomains in Serotonin Transporter Function and Cell Surface Dynamics
    Laurel Bellocchio, Chemistry (Rosenthal)
  15. Metasurface-based Optical Holography Using Nanosphere Lithography
    Andy Du, undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering (Valentine)
  16. ZnO Nanostructured Surfaces for the Enhances Formation of Colorectal Cancer Spheroids
    Maria Lopez Cavestany, Biomedical Engineering (King)
  17. Antioxidant, Nano-in-Micro System for Sustained Erythropoietin Delivery in a Mouse Model of Glaucoma
    Carli DeJulius, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  18. Role of Sodium Oleate in Metal Sulfide Formation
    Andrey Shults
    , Chemistry (Macdonald)
  19. Nanoparticle Delivery of Small Molecule Inhibitors to Treat STING-associated Inflammatory Diseases
    Lucinda Pastora, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Wilson)
  20. Transport of Water Vapor and Liquid Water through Angstrom-Scale Pores in Atomically Thin Membranes
    Dr. Peifu Cheng, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Kidambi)
  21. Optimizing ternary nanocarriers for stable and non-toxic delivery of Rictor/mTORC2 RNAi against triple negative breast cancer
    Shrusti Patel, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  22. Capture Agent Free Biosensing: Porous Silicon Sensor Arrays and Machine Learning
    Simon Ward, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Weiss)
  23. Fiber reinforced crosslinkable poly(phenylenesulfonic acid) composite proton exchange membrane
    Zhihao Shang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Pintauro)
  24. Therapeutic MK2 inhibition blocks pathological vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype switch
    William Tierney, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  25. Dynamic Color Tuning with Electrochemically Actuated TiO2 Metasurfaces
    Janna Eaves-Rathert, Mechanical Engineering (Valentine)
  26. Characterization and Application of Tumor Nano-lysate Vaccine for Breast Cancer in Vivo
    Jenna Dombroski, Biomedical Engineering (King)
  27. Enhanced Delivery of Drug Payloads via Endosomolytic Polymersomes
    Payton Stone, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Wilson)
  28. Title
    Madeleine Fort, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (Macdonald)
  29. Creating a Low-Cost In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model to Aid in Disease Modeling
    Kelly Richardson, Chemistry (Wright)
  30. The Molecular Simulation Design Framework (MoSDeF): Simple Features to Support Reproducible Molecular Simulations
    Cal Craven, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (McCabe)
  31. Using Na+ and K+ to Electrochemically Promote Ammonia Synthesis
    Nicholas Hortance, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (Cliffel)
  32. Nanoparticle-based Hydrogels as an Injectable Dual Delivery Platform for Repair of Chronic Diabetic Skin Wounds
    Mariah Bezold, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  33. Quantum dot tracking uncovers D2 dopamine autoreceptor-dependent dynamic rescue of bipolar disorder-associated dopamine transporter mutant
    Ruben Torres, Chemistry (Rosenthal)
  34. Large Scale Metalens from Nanosphere Lithography Method
    Hanyu Zheng, Mechanical Engineering (Valentine)
  35. Proton Transport through Graphene Membranes
    Dr. Pavan Chaturvedi, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Kidambi)
  36. Electropolymerization of Polypyrrole with Photosystem I
    Joshua Passantino, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Jennings)
  37. A Nanocarrier Vaccine Platform for Co-Delivery of Peptide Neoantigens and Synergistic Adjuvants
    Jessalyn Baljon, Biomedical Engineering (Wilson)
  38. Grafting Polymers from siRNA via Blue Initiated PET-RAFT
    Jordan Hill, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)
  39. Tunable Defect Density in Graphene Enables High Proton Conductance and Selectivity to Nanoscale Species
    Nicole Moehring, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (Kidambi)
  40. A pH-Responsive Nanoparticle Platform for Improving Immunogenicity of Cancer Vaccines
    Carcia Carson, Biomedical Engineering (Wilson)
  41. Bipolar Membranes with an Electrospun 3D Junction
    Zezhou Yang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Pintauro)
  42. Phase Control in Copper Selenide Nanoparticles: Se Precursor Structure and Ligation Effects
    Antony Peng, undergraduate, Chemistry (Macdonald)
  43. Harnessing Cell-penetrating Peptides for Non-viral Gene Editing
    Dr. Isabel Vallecillo-Viejo, Biomedical Engineering & Pediatrics (Duvall)
  44. Interfacing Photosystem I with Conductive PEDOT Polymers
    William Lowery, Chemistry (Cliffel)
  45. Inversely Designed Mid-infrared Light Source
    Mingze He, Mechanical Engineering (Caldwell)
  46. Substituted Thioureas and the Phase Control or Nanocrystalline Iron Sulfides
    Jeremy Espano, Interdisciplinary Materials Science (Macdonald)
  47. Single-Molecule Investigation of Cellulose Degradation by the Cellobiohydrolase TfCel6B
    Madeline Johnson, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Lang)
  48. Endosomolytic Porous Silicon Nanocomposites For the Delivery of Diverse Gene Therapies
    Isom Kelly, Biomedical Engineering (Duvall)

1st year Interdisciplinary Materials Science 10-week rotation posters

  1. Pulsed Laser Induced Single Photon Absorption-based Charge Generation Mechanism in an Epitaxial Silicon Diode
    Sajal Islam (Schrimpf)
  2. Controlling Thermoregulation using Neural Networks
    Kieran Nehil-Puleo (Walker)
  3. Purcell Enhancement in Subwavelength Engineered Photonic Crystals
    Aditha Senarath (Weiss) 


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