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VINSE Colloquium Series – Virtual “The ability to regenerate lies dormant in adult mammals and is activated by injury” Student Selected Speaker Dr. Ioannis V. Yannas; MIT 02/23/2022

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February 23, 2022 @ 4PM – Virtual only

8th Annual VINSE Student Selected Seminar Series

Ioannis V. Yannas
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The ability to regenerate lies dormant in adult mammals and is activated by injury

Ioannis V. Yannas, PhD, working with Harvard surgeon John F. Burke, MD, discovered the first method for regenerating organs in adult mammals and in humans (1975-78). This discovery was based on synthesis of a novel collagen scaffold, the dermis regeneration template (DRT).

A commercial version of this scaffold became an FDA-approved medical device (IntegraTM), currently used widely to treat patients who have lost skin due to trauma, plastic surgery and patients with chronic skin wounds or other diseases that involve loss of normal skin.

Studies of dermis regeneration have been extended by Yannas and coworkers to regenerate the transected rat sciatic nerve over unprecedented distances (1985-2010); to regenerate the conjunctiva in rabbits (2000); and to regenerate the crushed spinal cord in mice (2020).

For his discovery of the first method for inducing organ regeneration Yannas was elected member of the National Academy of Medicine of the USA (1987), the National Academy of Engineering of the USA (2017) and was elected Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biomedical Engineering. In 2015 Yannas was inducted in the National Inventors Hall of Fame of the USA, having being cited for the first patent on organ regeneration.

Yannas received degrees from Harvard College (1957), MIT (1959) and Princeton University (PhD, 1966, physical chemistry). He has been on the MIT faculty since 1966 and is currently Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT.

Members of the 2022 Graduate Student Selection Committee:

  • Jenna Dombroski, Biomedical Engineering (committee chair)
  • Janna Eaves, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ella Hoogenboezem, Biomedical Engineering
  • Nicholas Hortance, Interdisciplinary Materials Science
  • Nathan Spear, Interdisciplinary Materials Science

Previous speakers include:

  • John Rogers, Northwestern University, 2020
  • Naomi Halas, Rice University, 2019
  • Michael Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018
  • George Whitesides, Harvard University, 2018
  • Paul Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles, 2016
  • Ted Sargent, University of Toronto, 2015
  • Mostafa El-Sayed, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014