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Dissertation Defense: Janna Rathert, Mechanical Engineering

Posted by on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Events, News.

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Janna Rathert, Mechanical Engineering
*under the direction of Dr. Jason Valentine & Dr. Cary Pint

Optimization of Ionic Transport in Electrochemical Devices

05.25.22 | 11:00am CST | 132 Featheringill Hall | Zoom

The increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations due to anthropogenic emissions poses imminent threats to Earth’s climate system and its most vulnerable communities. Technological innovation plays a major role in mitigating climate change by forging new pathways to generate, distribute, and utilize energy. The practice of electrochemistry, in particular, is an indispensable tool for increasing the utilization of renewable energy in the U.S. electrical grid, and may also improve the energy efficiency of electronic devices. In this presentation, I analyze a variety of cutting-edge electrochemical devices and leverage principles of ionic transport to optimize performance according to relevant metrics, like cycle life for batteries or power consumption for optoelectronics.

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