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‘Sophia Click’

Dissertation Defense: Sophia Click, Chemistry

Feb. 20, 2023—DISSERTATION DEFENSE Sophia M. Click, Chemistry *under the direction of Dr. Sandra Rosenthal “Unraveling the Effects of Morphology at the Core/shell Interface of InP-based Quantum Dots” 03.10.23  |  1:30pm CST  |  Stevenson 4327  |  Zoom Indium phosphide quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanocrystals who’s tunable photophysical properties makes them useful as emitters in a wide array of applications,...

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“Minimizing the Reorganization Energy of Cobalt Redox Mediators Maximizes Charge Transfer Rates from Quantum Dots” selected as VINSE Spotlight Publication

Jun. 8, 2022—About the author: Madeleine Fort is working on her PhD in Interdisciplinary Materials Science under the guidance of Dr. Janet Macdonald. In this recently published article, she, and Sophia Click from Dr. Sandra Rosenthal’s lab, observed the effect of the reorganization energy of a charge acceptor on electron transfer rates from cadmium-based quantum dots. This...

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Rosenthal’s work featured in Scilight “Shell properties play an important role in the stability of green quantum dots”

Apr. 2, 2020—Stable green light-emitting quantum dots (QDs) are necessary for applications ranging from display technologies to bioimaging. Random, temporary fluctuations in emission known as “blinking,” and the complete lack of emission known as “photobleaching,” are some of the undesirable instabilities researchers looking to eliminate. Following a comprehensive study of the relationship between a QD’s structure and...

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