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Money for Nothin’

Interview with Charlotte Biz Journal. L.A. All-Star Game Impact Study 2018. I’m working on some stories about the NBA All-Star Game coming here this month and wanted to ask about a couple of items. *The first is, the NBA estimates 150,000 visitors during the weekend of events. What do you think of that estimate given…

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NBA VRX Power Picks

NBA VRX Power Picks 1/28/19. NBA VRX Power Rankings 1/15/19.  NBA Power Picks 12/14/18 Basketball Reference Playoff Probabilities

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Nothing More or Less

Interview with Arizona Republic. The Phoenix Suns have been asking Phoenix to update its city-owned arena for years, and late last year, they brokered a deal that would have the city paying $150 million and the Suns paying $80 million. Unsurprisingly to me (but apparently surprising to the team and the city), the public was…

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All-Star Gambit

Interview with Charlotte Biz Journal. I’m writing about the one-year mark before the NBA All-Star Game is played here in Charlotte. The impact estimates are between $60 million and $100 million and I’m fairly sure you have questioned the credibility of such estimates. My questions for you: what do you think a more realistic value…

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Stone Cold Money

Interview with Houston Chronicle.  Most of the increase in NBA values across the board is the anticipation in the tripling of rights fees in the new media rights deals with ESPN and Turner 2016-25. When TV rights went from $29 million to 81.25 million per club the values of the clubs all increased by as…

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The Golden Goose

Interview with ESPN. NBA’s Golden Goose What goes up must come down. The salary cap (max salary) explosion in the NBA caused by a tripling in media revenues (see attached) will be ultimately countered by an implosion in media right fees for ESPN and conventional (cable) sport broadcasting.  The NBA has attached its future to…

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Boycott in Charlotte

Series of Interviews with Charlotte Observer and Charlotte Biz Journal. The economic threat of the additional loss of NCAA and ACC tournaments from HB2 is now becoming critically real in the research triangle and will soon be realized throughout Carolina sports heaven. The love of sports super-cedes political divisions and unites all of Carolina, and…

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Whole Other Level

Interview with Pacific Standard.     

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Playoff Money

Interview with International Business Times. — How does the revenue a NBA franchise earns from a single playoff series compare to the regular amount of money it earns during the regular season? The basic rule of thumb is that a playoff team grosses about $1 million per home playoff game. The big difference is that…

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Exploitation of Kevin Durant

Interview with CNBC. KD Salary structure (updated) What would a major player like Kevin Durant be worth in a league without salary caps? Is his salary fair now? The NBA has essentially 3 salary caps. Since 1984 Each team has faced a soft salary cap (it can be exceeded for a variety of reasons)at 49-51%…

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Basketball Jones

Interview with CBS and Associated Press. I am writing for CBS about Steve Ballmer’s purchase of the Clippers. Is the $2 billion purchase price a good deal? Here’s what I told you in the last interview:  There is a perfect storm brewing for the value of the LA Clippers to approach $1 billion. First, if the…

Posted by on May 30, 2014 in National Basketball Association


Do the Right Thing

Interview with Associated Press. I am working on a story about the NBA’s handling of the Donald Sterling race comments. I’m trying to get to the bottom of just what the league had to lose if it didn’t respond decisively and favorably in the eyes of its players, coaches and, almost as important, its sponsors….

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in National Basketball Association

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