“Go find the balance.” – Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid)

On Leave for Spring 2018
Econ 2180 Sports Economics
Econ 4550 Seminar in Sports Economics

Vanderbilt Teaching Evaluations 1999-2017

University-wide Teaching Awards
Sternberg Teaching Excellence Award, Louisiana State University, 1993
University Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Utah, 1985.
University Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Texas, 1975.

What course/ professor will change my life?

“Without question, the most popular senior class at Vanderbilt is Sports Economics. The subject matter is a welcome change from calculus-intensive word problems, made even more interesting by professor John Vrooman’s hands-on/laid-back teaching style, which makes the supply/ demand charts of baseball players not only understandable but fascinating. “Lab,” when the entire class grabs a beer at Sam’s Sports Bar on Friday afternoons, is a regular highlight.”—Nashville Scene

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