July, 2018


Photonic Structures

Photonic Structures for Optical Communication SILICON MODULATORS USING METAL-INSULATOR SWITCHING OF VANADIUM DIOXIDE We present silicon (Si) vanadium-dioxide (VO2) hybrid optical modulators motivated by the need for compact Si-compatible optical switches operating at THz speeds. VO2┬áis a functional oxide undergoing metal-insulator transition (MIT) near 67C, with huge changes in electrical resistivity and near-infrared transmission. The…

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Porous Silicon Biosensors Porous Silicon Bloch Surface and Sub-surface Waves Biosensors PSi refractometric sensing applications have generally been size limited to molecules that diffuse into the porous matrix to cause a measurable change in effective optical thickness. Molecules approaching the average pore diameter clog the pore and hinder molecular infiltration, which significantly deteriorates the transduced…

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